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Black Shoe Podcast - The James Franklin and Penn State ShootyHoop Edition

Literally, the biggest #BlackShoePodcast in history, as Adam and Cari are joined by Bill and Chad to talk the big upset victory against Ohio State, the future of Penn State basketball, Bill O'Brien leaving, and James Franklin coming home!

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After a brief respite designed specifically to make you miss us, the #BlackShoePodcast is back with (literally) the biggest show in its history! Adam (@AdamCollyer) and Cari (@NotCarlotta) are here as usual, and this time, they're joined by Chad Markulics (@Chad_BSD) and Bill DiFilippo (@bflip33). Plenty has changed in Happy Valley - Bill O'Brien's gone (windshield punching and all), James Franklin has arrived (puppy dog enthusiasm and all), and...

WE BEAT OHIO STATE (in basketball)!


In BSP episode thirteen, Adam, Cari, Bill and Chad hopped on Blog Talk Radio to discuss all of the major storylines that have taken place in Happy Valley over the last month and a half:

  • #TROUBLE - 48-ish minutes in.
  • Chad and Bill are basketball knowledgeable. Adam's pretty close. Cari refuses to watch Penn State Men's Basketball because she believes she's bad luck. Maybe she should just consider eating this dirty, old tree branch.
  • Who do you want taking the shot with the game on the line - Tim Frazier or DJ Newbill?
  • Aaron Craft is still dribbling.
  • Are we expecting too much from Tim Frazier? Particularly because this team has actual depth and other scoring options?
  • Nice to see contributions from Brandon Taylor, Graham Woodward, and Jordan Dickerson. Sky's the limit.
  • Bill and Chad predict the final 10 games of the Big Ten schedule. Ken Pom thinks we're going 2-8. After listening to us ramble on, I think we all settled on the potential for going 4-6. Every game is winnable . . . or horrifically losable.
  • Bill O'Brien didn't want to be the face of a university, so James Franklin's here to take on that role.
  • James Franklin = Pat Chambers + a traditional power? #DominateTheState = #ATTITUDE?
  • Has James Franklin awoken the sleeping recruiting giant? How bright is the future?
All that and more on this episode of the #BlackShoePodcast!

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