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Sunday Coaching Search Open Thread

Not much is new...but could today be the day?


Two years ago tomorrow, the first Penn State coaching search in a half century concluded. The second in as many years, though, looks to be on pace to move much quicker.

Overnight, there hasn't been much change in the search since we last left you. One interesting little nugget, however; reports are now breaking that QB Christian Hackenberg has no intentions of transferring from Penn State--at least not yet, based on a video now out from a Virginia tv station:

The team is excited, I've talked to a lot of the guys and we're excited for the future and we're excited to see what direction we're going to be headed, and we're ready to win football games next year.

Despite the doom and gloom scenario spelled out by some, most have been assuming that, since Hackenberg has already played as a true freshman, it would be more likely than not that he would be staying in Happy Valley--barring, of course, a complete disaster of a hire. As of this morning, though, that disastrous hire seems unlikely to happen--and, as one more plus in the Golden column, Hack was heavily recruited by the coach at Miami, and even took an official visit there, including Miami as one of his final four college choices, before committing to the Nittany Lions.

Aside from the quarterback news, on the docket today is a supposed interview with James Franklin. Also on that interview list today? Mike Munchak /ducks. Reports are that Golden interviewed with the search committee yesterday, after the meeting was delayed from Friday due to weather; there have been conflicting reports as to whether Larry Johnson, Sr's interview, likely a courtesy on both sides, has taken place or not.

As always, stick with BSD for the breaking news on this developing story throughout the day.

Update: we've added a poll at the bottom for you to vote on your choice for the next head coach. Let us know what you think!