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And The Band Played On: Coaching Search Roundup

Let's review the coaching search news of the day - and give ourselves an open thread.


Dr. Dave Joyner, head down, ears open, mouth shut, rigidly adheres to "the process" while searching for Penn State's next football head coach. Coincidentally, "the process" was introduced via recommendation from PSU darlings Freeh, Sullivan, & Sporkin as best practice (cost: a cool $6million and change). Best of all, the man now following it was bumped into his position out of convenience, without a single interview, or even so much as $5 newspaper ad in the Centre County Times soliciting for the position he filled.

Awesome, right?

Here's what we "know" today:

1. Al Golden "is not a candidate". That's how Al phrased it on his radio show.

2. Mike Munchak intereview. Even though some of you won't believe it, Munch apparently sold a plan that includes recruiting and staffing. And his sales pitch impressed the committee.

3. James Franklin will interview with Daniel M. Snyder, because HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Redskins blow. Dan Snyder thought Jim Zorn was just like a younger Joe Gibbs. That Dan Snyder, boy, whooooo he's a sharp one.

4. Pat+Narduzzi+Penn+State. Three days later, the Nard-dog's only google result is for some blog called Black Shoe Diaries.

5. All of the holdover coaches and staff - except Larry Johnson Sr, and we suppose, previously retired and soon-to-be-re-retired Mac McWhorter - are gone to Texas. Not even John Butler remains in State College.  Oh wait - Strollo.  Strollo is still here.  Good coach, that Strollo.  Epicurean.