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Tuesday Coaching Search Update and Open Thread

Another day with no permanent coach at Penn State.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Very little has changed since the last update. Part of the reason is that nearly any attention on the college football world was completely focused on Monday night's excellent BCS Championship Game. As ridiculous as the BCS was (and it truly was a complete mess of a way to crown a champion), it sure went out with a bang with five thrilling games to close out an era.

But that's neither here nor there. The most recent news surrounding Penn State's coaching search is that Mike Munchak is reportedly interviewing for the Detroit Lions head coaching position. Besides Detroit, Munchak is also receiving interest as an offensive line coach throughout the league. Everything remains quiet on the James Franklin front, but that is likely because he spent the past day in Pasadena as part of ESPN's coverage of the BCS Championship Game. Expect to hear Franklin's name throughout the media in the next couple days as he continues to draw interest from Penn State and at least two NFL teams (Cleveland and Washington). Why someone who is such a hot commodity at the moment would want to work for either Dan Snyder or any of the revolving pack of buffoons who manage the Browns is beyond me. Larry Johnson Sr. is still running the program for the time-being, and once again doing what he can to keep everyone together. No matter how you feel about Johnson's candidacy as head coach, you have to give him a world of credit for everything he's done for Penn State. There are likely no other coaches of his caliber who would remain this loyal to one program, especially after the utter madness of the past two-plus years.