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Wednesday Coaching Search Update and Open Thread today the day?

Stacy Revere

Today's officially day eight of the search for the next head coach for the Penn State Nittany Lions football team...and boy, we're getting restless. Compared to two years ago, though, and we're almost a normal fanbase now. Thank heaven for little favors.

Yesterday's news centered around current Vanderbilt coach James Franklin...will he, or won't he? Or, perhaps more accurately, will Penn State or won't they? Everyone's favorite lover of Paterno People, David Jones, hopes they don't. I think that's what this piece says, anyway.

Late yesterday, word spread that, similar to what sometime College of Communications professor Mike Poorman wrote a few days ago, Miami head coach Al Golden might not be out of the running for Dave Joyner and co:

...or is he?...

Football scoop is also reporting that Vanderbilt is trying to match whatever offer Penn State may have on the table for Franklin, and that the committee (or Joyner, or TPTB) isn't pleased. Take that for what it's worth.

It looks like today may be the day that we learn something...anything...about who may or may not be still in the running. Keep your eyes peeled on BSD (and in the comments) for more news as it comes, and if you haven't already, check out Dan's interview with the good people over at Anchor of Gold on their views on Coach Franklin.