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Wednesday Night Coaching Search Non-Updates and Open Thread

We're not saying there's any reason to get excited, but we're not saying there's not, either.

Frederick Breedon

Why a special post at 9 on a Wednesday night? Well, two reasons. First, this morning's thread has become unwieldy. And more importantly, if you're into following the rumors circulating through Twitter and the message board--which we, of course, are above passing along as fact--there may be some goings-on tonight*. Get anxious at your own risk, folks, is what we're saying. But you wouldn't be entirely wrong if you got anxious.

Anyway, it has been a busy day, especially for one in which nothing happened. First Greg Roman was going to interview, then it turns out he already did. We thought Penn State had narrowed down the candidates and was zeroing in on James Franklin, but then came the reports that everyone was still in play.

And all the while, Franklin's supposedly preparing for an interview with the Redskins. We know less now than we have at any point--and we know as much as Vanderbilt's athletic director--but even a coaching search this robust has to come to an end.

Maybe this end will come sooner rather than later. But who the hell knows?

*Here are some facts. Feel free to associate them. We're not saying you should. Or that you shouldn't.