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Report: Penn State is moving on from Myles Hartsfield

It has been reported that the cornerback commit will not be attending Penn State after all.


It has been a tumultuous few weeks for the Sayreville War Memorial High School football team. News of the hazing scandal that has rocked the high school has been common knowledge for weeks now, and has led to multiple consequences thus far. Last week, the Sayreville superintendent, Dr. Richard Labbe, took the first step when he cancelled the remainder of the season for the football team. From there, the investigation was intensified to determine which students were responsible for the culture of hazing and wrong-doing, and Penn State was watching the situation very closely as it unraveled.

On October 10th, seven Sayreville players were charged with hazing and sexual assault of their teammates. No names were released because all of the involved players were under the age of 18. Former Penn State commit Myles Hartsfield, who is a team captain of the Sayreville team, was yet to be identified as a person of importance in the case.

An hour later, the story was released that police were seen at the home of Myles Hartsfield "only minutes" before the charges were announced and carried out. At the time, it was still unknown if Hartsfield was part of the group that was charged, or was simply being asked for information. However, things certainly didn't look good for the three star cornerback.

Today, there were multiple reports that Penn State had decided to move on from Myles Hartsfield as a member of their 2015 recruiting class.

It has still yet to be confirmed what kind of involvement Hartsfield had with the hazing scandal or the investigation, but it appears that James Franklin and the staff had seen enough.

It's a shame to see such a talented group of young men make sure poor decisions, especially one in the shoes of Hartsfield. As a three star defensive back committed to Penn State, there were limitless opportunities awaiting him. It's always unfortunate to see things like this happen, but the acts of those charged really left no choice for the police. It may be some time still before we know what involvement Hartsfield truly had, but it's something that Penn State simply can't afford to stay involved with. Hopefully when the dust settles, it will be found that Myles did not play a part in all of this, and he gets the chance to follow his dreams at another school. For now though, the staff simply had no choice.

Penn State's 2015 recruiting class now stands at 18 members.