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Success with Hyperlinking: Recurring Issues

Same dance, a different day

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After a hard fight to 4-0, Penn State dropped two straight games, as it deserved to. Penn State probably didn’t deserve to be 4-0, as it struggled through the better part of a few of the first four games. The team must now simply win games, and continue on with a new goal on a new mission.

PSU must ride its excellent defense and hope that Christian Hackenberg can perform up to his potential. The Nittany Lions are living in the past and are really struggling to put points on the board, much to the discredit of offensive coordinator John Donovan. We look forward to the Ohio State game next week while trying to recuperate from consecutive losses. There’s much to take from the first half of the season, both good and bad, but there’s still potential for this team.

The Line

Tackles, guards, centers. They’re not playing well, so I’ll be quick. The line continued to struggle across the board for what feels like the 6th straight time*. More O-Line trashing, along with talk of whether other coaches would have won the Michigan game.

And in Bob Flounders' weekly Pressure Points, he states that if the o-line doesn’t improve, we could be looking at a five game losing streak, and I agree. If you haven’t heard enough, here’s an excellent piece by Mr. Flounders breaking down the line's miscues.

* -- on a much happier note, that piece also touches on how awesome Mike Hull has been recently


I’m no Nick Polak, but I do follow recruiting to an extent. If you’re like me and just want some quick notes -- nothing extensive or crazy -- here ya go.

If you want a full recap, here’s PennLive's roundtable, but that only really covers Notre Dame-bound quarterback Brandon Wimbush. Adam McLean, the longstanding Nittany Lion ambassador, has decided to take all of his official visits. On top of Penn State he’ll visit four other schools. It’s EXTREMELY doubtful he even considers flipping, but it’s something to keep an eye on, I suppose. Commit Myles Hartsfield has been removed from Penn State’s list following his possible involvement in the hazing case that took place at his school. It’s unfortunate on multiple accounts, but it opens up a scholarship for a new commit. If you wish to see how some of our recruits performed this weekend, following this link.


PennLive wants to get you upset.