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SwH is Hurt

4-1 :(

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State ain't undefeated no mo'.


A lot of things went wrong for PSU in this game. A lot of things also went right for Northwestern. Credit where it's due, NU straight-up outperformed a flawed Penn State team. Most of us wrote off Northwestern in a way, thinking that this could be the week Penn State puts everything together, but on the big stage after already doing so vs UMass. Nobody in our predictions or anyone in the comments chose NU (YA BUNCH OF HOMERS). That was not the case.

PennLive did, as usual, an excellent job in the recap and followup to the NU game. If you're just looking for a quick-hit worded version of the game, Bob Flounders has you covered with his rapid replay. Next, one of the low lights of the season has been the offensive line's woesFranklin, as well as Offensive Line Coach, Herb Hand, have sworn continuously that the issue would be fixed. That seems slightly unfeasible to me. The players are certainly putting in effort, but they just are at disadvantage that is nonrecoverable. As for the Coaches, this one's for you.

"don't say you will.....unless you will. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey"

There is no quick fix to the PSU O-Line. No one guy or one thing is going to flip this unit from bad to good. Don't say it can, or will, be fixed unless it's actually gonna happen.

Also from Bob Flounders of Penn Live is a small write-up listing the beyond the boxscore stats, if you're into that kind of thing. Additionally, MORE FLOUNDERS, as he also provided us with a piece detailing what could be taken away from the Nortwestern game. All the points (unprepared, run game struggling badly, no WR seperation, Donovan called a bad game, Run defense good) are all undeniable points presented.

Speaking of the Run Defense, if anybody in the game had an admirable performance it was Mike Hull, having a career day.

Lastly for PennLive, via Audrey Snyder, a writeup about the Nittany Lions continued quest for an overall consistent offense.

NU Interviews

QB Christian Hackenberg, The PennLive Crew, WR Daesean Hamilton, DT Austin Johnson all were interviewed following the Penn State-Nortwestern game. They said pretty much what you'd expect them to say.

Recruiting: Hell Week

Penn State had a rather large recruiting week for the home game vs Northwestern...and you'd have to guess that the coaches are wishing they had scheduled them a different week to see a better defense. However, Jordan Whitehead makes his decision this upcoming Friday, Naseir Upshur has a visit soon so take the good with the bad; also, in those articles the Offensive Line continues to get picked on.