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BSD Mailbag 10.22.14

Answers to your questions on this fine hump day!

Oh, stop your whining, man.
Oh, stop your whining, man.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

If you had to choose one:

(A) Upset O$U in prime time and literally crush their playoff aspirations…but we don’t win another game (5-7) and ineligible for bowling.

(B) Lose the game but finish 6-6 and give our seniors a bowl game.

What say you?--PSUgeorgia

I would much rather go bowling, but not for the seniors--the team entered this season not expecting to go to a bowl game, so what a class of players deserve doesn't play into it. What is more important for this team and the future of the Penn State football program, of course, are the dozens of practices that a bowl-bound team gets; those are virtually invaluable as a starting off point for next year's squad. If we want a good to great team in 2015, the best way to start is to get to a bowl in 2014.

If Penn State were to finish 11-1 in one of the next few years, and was not included in the 4-team Playoffs, would you criticize Franklin if he put the second string players in during a blowout, that led to a close-ish game versus, say, Illinois? I love to hate Ohio State as much as anyone, but I can’t help feeling that a B1G team has almost no chance in beating out an SEC team in the rankings unless they obliterate every team they play--rlostinspace

No, I wouldn't be one of those who criticize a coach for putting in second string players in a blowout. The safety of your first string players should always be paramount, and I'd rather err on the side of caution rather than cater to the whims of pollsters and playoff czars. Also, it would be very, very rare that it would come down to a B1G team vs an SEC team; and I think that, most years, a one-loss B1G team like PSU or OSU would stack up well versus a one-loss Big 12, Pac 12, or ACC squad.

Which entity do you dislike more? The University of Ohio State or Urban Meyer? And doing your best Urschel, what’s the exponential increase of dislike you have when you add Urban Meyer to Ohio State?.--Succss With Honor Always

At this point in time, I dislike Urban Meyer more. There's just something so smug and disingenuous about him; maybe it's the twenty separate retirements, or maybe it's the keeping of his starters in when his team is up by forty in the fourth quarter. Either way, there seems to be no respect there, for his opponent on or off the field, and that just rubs me the wrong way.

I reserve the right to change my mind later on, though. And I'll leave the exponents to the starting Ravens guard, thanks.

What does a "successful season" in men's hockey look like this year?--PSU_Buch

Because I know little to nothing about hockey, I went to the source--one of our new hockey writers, Evan Romano:

I think, as coach Guy Gadowsky has been preaching, we’re still a bit too early to be measuring the success of this hockey team in wins and losses. As only a third-year Division-I program, the building blocks for a successful program are certainly in place, with a beautiful arena, a strong fan base, and a solid coach who can grow with the program.

But that’s not what you want to hear. I think If the Lions can get their record anywhere near .500 this year, we can chalk it up as a coup. The pieces are in place for a vast improvement over last year-veteran leadership from older players such as forwards David Glen, Casey Bailey, and defenseman captain Patrick Koudys. They have promising young talent including sophomore David Goodwin and freshman Scott Conway. Oh yes, and it doesn’t hurt when the best player on the team, junior Matthew Skoff, is between the pipes.

So, yeah. With a charismatic coach, some quality talent on the ice, and a solid fanbase and facility, Penn State Hockey is certainly headed in the right direction. A successful season would simply keep that process moving forward.

If we win, would it be acceptable to rush the field?--PatMcPSU

Nah, bro. Act like you've been there before. Plus, we're 4-2; we're not 0-6, and we're not a historical dumpster fire. We are Penn State. We shouldn't rush the field for football.

Save that ish for the basketball court.

If we ever get to a point where we could run up the score against OSU would we, as a fan base, want to? Why?--misdreavus79

The only time I would be okay with the score getting run up is if our third string offense is in, and every play is a run that still goes by our opponent's defense for >5 ypc. Only then is running up the score acceptable to me. /cue cries of sanctimony

Who started THE stupid way of saying THE ohiostateuniversity?--Dbridi

According to the OSU library, the "The" was part of the legislation that renamed the university in 1878; it came in wider use in the late 1980s, though, to help distinguish Ohio State from the other OSUs in the nation, Oregon State and Oklahoma State.

Since there is statistically no way that we beat OSU this week, how much do we beat OSU by this week?--skarocksoi

A negative amount.

If you needed help trying to cheat the system, would you hire a former Ohio State football player or a B1G officiating crew?--Aqua Velva Man

It depends on which system you're cheating, and who you're cheating for--are you cheating for yourself, or for someone from the state of Michigan? If it's the former, OSU, if the latter, then the officials.

What are your thoughts on the pass interference call at the end of the ND/FSU game? Specifically how much leeway should I give the ND fans in my office before I tell them they’re wrong?--SWHA

I did not watch it, as I had guests over and had been up since 7 am tailgating at the Iowa-Maryland game. But by all accounts, it was totally legit, and Brian Kelly is a massive crybaby.

Bigger Douchea of the Week? Brian Kelly for crying about the pass interference call by the officials or Urban Meyer for running up the score against Rutgers?--SWHA

Unless Meyer somehow became indirectly responsible for the deaths of undergrads without my knowledge, then it is and will always be Kelly.

Taking the Blue Band out of the equation, which marching band is regarded as the best in the Big Ten? I just saw the James Madison Marching Royal Dukes this weekend, and they blew the doors off the place. They marched 465 members and were truly awesome.--Dbridi

It's Ohio State's TBDBITL, and I'm not sure that it's close.

What are your thoughts about the moaning sound in Boards of Canada's Dawn Chorus?--millzners

I had never heard of this song before reading this question (for those of you like me, you can find it here), and...I'm not sure. I don't dislike the song. It's really interesting, and like nothing I listen to normally--I have generally very eclectic taste in music, and that's something way out there--even for electronica. Thanks, millz, for the listen; I'm gonna go down my own wiki spiral now.

Early impressions of Rebels? Also, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2, what say you?--PSU_Buch

I haven't watched Rebels (honestly, don't need another show--even if it's Star Wars-based), and I'm liking S.H.I.E.L.D.'s second season so far--I have to say, making Ward part of Hydra last year was killer, and unexpected, and I can't wait to see how they redeem him (because you know, as a Whedon-produced show, he's gotta be redeemed). I also can't wait to see him and Skye together, for real--though the Coulson "sick" storyline is tiresome for me already.

Any interest in ever running a marathon?--Smee

Hahahahaha, no.

Why is GoT so far away?--PSU12

Because HBO hates all of us.