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BSD Big Ten Pick'em Challenge/Thursday Night Open Thread: Week 9

It's Week 9 of the BSD Big Ten challenge, join us for our Thursday night open thread!

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Week 9 brings us two Thursday night games with one ranked team. First at 7:00 PM on ESPN U we get Connecticut at No. 18 East Carolina. Then, overlapping a bit, we get what should be a good one in Miami (of the Florida variety) at Virginia Tech which we can see on good 'ole ESPN. Did you also know there are four games tomorrow night including Oregon's annual Friday night game? May the Football be with you my friends. Did you also know that today is National Mole day celebrating Chemistry until 6:02 PM? I'll bet you didn't and now you know more now then you did 5 seconds ago. You're welcome.

On to the picks.

Last Week's Results

Tim A. 5 0
Chad 5 0
Dan 5 0
RYAN 5 0
Matt 5 0
Galen 5 0
BSD Readers 5 0
Nick P. 5 0
Mike 5 0
Cari 4 1
Devon 4 1
Bill 4 1
bscaff 4 1
Jared 4 1

Boring, boring week with lots and lots of perfect slates. The only game missed was Iowa's 7-point loss to Maryland. You can see from above who believed in Iowa (hint: not me). That means not much will change...

Yearly Totals

W L Win %
Galen 60 13 82.2
Chad 60 13 82.2
Devon 58 15 79.5
Nick P. 58 15 79.5
Matt 58 15 79.5
bscaff 57 16 78.1
Bill 57 16 78.1
BSD Readers 56 17 76.7
Cari 56 17 76.7
Dan 56 17 76.7
Tim A. 56 17 76.7
Jared 55 18 75.3
Mike 54 19 74.0
RYAN 13 3 81.3

There was some mild shuffling in the middle but nothing at the top. You also notice we have a newcomer in Ryan, he joined the party late but he's been religiously giving me his picks so I'll add him to the board but we'll keep him out of the rankings because he has picked so few games.

This week's Games

Sat 10/25/2014 Maryland @ Wisconsin Madison, Wis. ESPN/2/ABC/BTN 12:00 PM ET
Sat 10/25/2014 Minnesota @ Illinois Champaign, Ill. ESPN/2/ABC/BTN 12:00 PM ET
Sat 10/25/2014 Ohio State @ Penn State University Park, Pa. ESPN/2/ABC 8:00 PM ET
Sat 10/25/2014 Michigan @ Michigan State East Lansing, Mich. TBA
Sat 10/25/2014 Rutgers @ Nebraska Lincoln, Neb. TBA

Locks this week: Nebraska, MSU, and OSU (sorry).   The other two games, I would say Minnesota is a favorite and Wisconsin is a heavy favorite.  So what about the panel....

This week's Picks

Galen Wisconsin Minnesota Ohio State Michigan State Nebraska
Cari Wisconsin Minnesota Ohio State MSU Nebraska
Matt Wisconsin Minnesota OSU Sparty Nebraska
bscaff Wisconsin Minnesota Ohio State Michigan State Nebraska
Devon Wisconsin Minnesota Them Sparty Nerbaska
Jared Wisconsin Minnesota OSU MSU Nebraska
Tim A. Murrland Goldy Urbz SPARTY YES Huskers
Dan Wisconsin Minnesota Ohio State Michigan State Nebraska
Nick P. Wisconsin Minnesota OSU MSU Huskers
Bill Wisconsin Minnesota OSU Sparty Nebraska
Chad Wisky Minny OSU Sparty Brasky
Mike Wisconsin Minnesota Ohio State Michigan State Nebrasky
RYAN Wisconsin Minnesota Joey Bosa & Co. Sparty Nebraska

Yeah, if it wasn't for Tim A.'s pick of Maryland or Murrland, we'd have a unanimous board for the first time this year, but alas no. I'd also like to point out that I post their responses just like they send them to me now. I've been making mistakes when I hand-copy their answers lately so I fixed that and copy the entire list. Through the power of Microsoft Excel I can now just copy/paste their answers and Excel does the rest. The unintended, added bonus is that you get their answers as they type them verbatim and there's nothing I can do about that. Now you get to have the same fun I have of translating "Joey Bosa & Co." into Ohio State. Amazingly this was a very uncreative week when it comes to naming for my fellow BSD'ers. Anyho, moving on to your picks...

Week 9
Maryland @ Wisconsin

Minnesota @ Illinois

Ohio State @ Penn State

Michigan @ Michigan State

Rutgers @ Nebraska

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