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Penn State-Ohio State Post Game Link Dump

Penn State - Ohio State post game articles from around the interwebs.

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We scour the interwebs to find all of the relevant post game columns (read: google).  We gather them (read: multi-tab browsing).  And then we post links to them right here (read: copy-paste), in one convenient blog post.  It's the world renown post-game link dump.

First Things First



That's your post-game transcript from referee John O'Neill, whose crew turned in an abhorrent performance.  In addition to the faux interception, and the 3-second overrun on the 49-yard field goal, they also failed to call false starts.  False starts, folks.  They can't correctly call false starts.  But they can call "leaping".

The Penn State Beat

Patriot News David Jones is circumspect.  He acknowledges the awful officiating, but instead praises Penn State for putting up a fight that he clearly didn't believe would happen pre-game.

Bob Flounders, also of The Patriot News, shares some final thoughts, including an exchange with Joey Bosa regarding the latter's game-winning sack.

Mark Wogenrich of The Morning Call thought Penn State's defense played an inspired game.

Audrey Snyder filed a story for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, in which she captures an emotional James Franklin.

Joe Juliano of thought Franklin was seething, rather than watery-eyed.

Frank Bodani called it a lion-hearted effort in the York Daily Record.

Rich Scarcella, Neil Rudel, and Frosted Tips are locked behind pay-walls.  You have to buy subscriptions to read their descriptions.

The Other Guys

Bill Livingston of The Cleveland Plain Dealer had predicted a 55-17 Ohio State win.  Bill Livingston was surprised by the result.  Bill Livingston hates Penn State.  Bill Livingston is a moron.

Doug Lesmerises wonders what happened to the Buckeye passing game.

Bill Landis blames the OSU offensive line.

Bill Rabinowitz ignores the first 60 minutes, and focuses on Buckeyes QB JT Barrett's performance in overtime.