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Big Ten Preview: Week Six

Each of the Big Ten conference contests in bloggerific preview.

Leon Halip

This is a great college football week to have a bye--there's even a couple decent Big Ten games!

Purdue @ Illinois

When: Saturday, 12pm ET

Line: Illinois -8.5

Over/Under: 57

I can scarcely believe this game is actually occurring, as subjecting anyone to this a violation of basic human rights. It's even being broadcast, so those unfortunate souls at the stadium won't suffer alone. Jim Delany is simply giving a double middle finger to mankind, daring Amnesty International to intervene.

#20 Ohio State @ Maryland

When: Saturday, 12pm ET

Line: Ohio State -8

Over/Under: 59.5

Maryland hosts their first B1G game, but don't get the Rutgers primetime treatment instead getting a noon kickoff against the Buckeyes. Ohio State is coming off an impressive showing against Cincinnati, meanwhile the Terps successfully navigated the minefield that is Indiana(I think, someone double check this). Maryland is leading the east division and could make it a two-way race with Michigan State if they can pull out this victory.

North Texas @ Indiana

When: Saturday, 2:30pm ET

Line: Indiana -13.5

Over/Under: 58.5

Chaos! To fully earn their moniker, the Hoosiers need to lose to the Mean Green. Unless, the fact they're expected to lose to maintain chaos is a sign of order in the universe and therefore they must win. All predictions are useless anymore.

#17 Wisconsin @ Northwestern

When: Saturday, 3:30pm ET

Line: Wisconsin -8

Over/Under: 47

Wisconsin wants to party like it's 1999, the last time the Badgers won at Northwestern. Prepare for Y2K all over again, because I expect Wisconsin's run game to hammer Northwestern into the ground. For a fuller preview, I need to wait for my 56k modem to connect and I can sign onto AOL Instant Messenger.

Michigan @ Rutgers

When: Saturday, 7pm ET

Line: Rutgers -2

Over/Under: 47

For some programs it seems like everyday is a hellish nightmare of existence where you're reduced to a punchline, everyone is constantly laughing at you, and you constantly question all of your life choices. Michigan is just getting a small taste of Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers' normalcy this season, have to figure that gives the Scarlet Knights the edge in experience. This game takes the crown for saddest B1G match-up of the week, a week, which I'll remind you, that features Purdue at Illinois. So, naturally, let's showcase it under the lights.

#19 Nebraska @ #10 Michigan State

When: Saturday, 8pm ET

Line: Michigan State -7

Over/Under: 60

Finally, in the what's a very likely conference championship rematch, we're getting into the meat of the B1G. Bo Pelini has shown an ability to really gameplan well for Michigan State, unless turnovers take over the game as they did last year. Michigan State has been an absolute steamroller this season, with only the setback in Eugene. Another demolition will put the Spartans back in a serious discussion of the playoff, while the Huskers don't have the strength of schedule to enter it just yet, but a victory would make them a dark horse candidate.