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MMQB: Embrace the Chaos

This was a truly historic weekend in college football history.

Joe Murphy

Ignore the rankings for a second and just think about this sentence with respect to the history of college football.

USC, Michigan, Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M, Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Miami, Stanford, and Tennessee all lost this weekend.

That's incredible. Since the introduction of the BCS National Championship game in 1998, those teams have combined to win 10 of the 16 title games. That group also includes 8 of the top 20 winningest teams in college football history. Sure, not all of these teams are playing their best football right now, and some are just having total down years, but to see every team on that list lose in the same weekend is something historic.

Now let's check out how the Top 25 did this weeke-oh my god it all burned to the ground.

Rank Team Result
1 Florida State W (43-3 vs. Wake Forest)
2 Oregon L (31-24 vs. Arizona)
3 Alabama L (23-17 @ #11 Ole Miss)
4 Oklahoma L (37-33 @ #25 TCU)
5 Auburn W (41-7 vs. #15 LSU)
6 Texas A&M L (48-31 @ #12 Mississippi St.
7 Baylor W (28-7 @ Texas)
8 UCLA L (30-28 vs. Utah)
9 Notre Dame W (17-14 vs. #14 Stanford
10 Michigan State W (27-22 vs. #19 Nebraska)
11 Ole Miss W (23-17 vs. #3 Alabama)
12 Mississippi State W (48-31 vs. Texas A&M)
13 Georgia W (44-17 vs. Vanderbilt)
14 Stanford L (17-14 @ #9 Notre Dame)
15 LSU L (41-7 @ #5 Auburn)
16 USC L (38-34 vs. Arizona State)
17 Wisconsin L (20-14 @ Northwestern)
18 BYU L (35-20 vs. Utah State)
19 Nebraska L (27-22 @ #10 Michigan St.)
20 Ohio State W (52-24 @ Maryland)
21 Oklahoma State W (37-20 vs. Iowa State)
22 East Carolina W (45-24 vs. SMU)
23 Kansas State W (45-13 vs. Texas Tech)
24 Missouri Idle
25 TCU W (37-33 vs. #4 Oklahoma)

And that wasn't even all of the craziness this weekend! There was Rutgers taking down Michigan for their first ever Big Ten win. There was the "defensive battle"/snoozefest of Florida beating Tennessee 10-9. There was Cal triumphing over Washington State 60-59, in which Connor Halliday threw for an impossible 734 yards. Everywhere you looked this weekend, there was nonstop action, and it led to a drastically different looking Top 25 when the dust cleared.

So my question to you this week is a simple. What was your favorite game of the weekend, and why? Which game did you find yourself most captivated by? Was it the turnover battle of Oklahoma-TCU? The rainy day in South Bend? The shocker in Evanston that made Penn State's loss look just a tiny bit better?

One thing's for sure though-college football is the best thing to ever happen to the world.