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Black Shoe Podcast - Episode 2.7 - Penn State vs. Michigan Wolverines

Adam, Cari and Bill are back on the #BSP with former Nittany Lion Stephon Morris to talk Brandon Wimbush, the collapse of the top 25, and this Saturday's prime time match up against the Michigan Wolverines!

wait, who is that? #trollolol
wait, who is that? #trollolol
Kirk Irwin

On the heels of perhaps the wildest weekend in the history of college football, the #BlackShoePodcast is back to discuss it all! Adam (@AdamCollyer), Cari (@NotCarlotta), and Bill (@bflip33) are once again joined by former Nittany Lion corner Stephon (Green) Morris (@s_morris12), to discuss the breaking news of Brandon Wimbush's decommitment, Northwestern's newly impressive winning streak, the collapse of the top 25, a big win in Piscataway, and of course, this Saturday's prime time match up against the Michigan Wolverines!

A few fun notes:

  • Adam is not a professional podcaster, and can't even remember people's names.  #Lawyer
  • Steph gives us the low down on recruiting, official visits, and what we need to expect from college prospects during the process
  • The collapse of the top 25 has everyone baffled, but at least the loss to Northwestern doesn't look as bad as it did a week ago
  • Michigan predictions are out.  Cari predicts a re-run of the Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers defensive struggle.  Bill predicts doom and gloom.  Steph and Adam are slightly more optimistic.
  • Can Christian Hackenberg pull off his best Gary Nova impression?  Can Penn State somehow manage to pull a Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers and beat the Wolverines under the lights?

All this and more on this week's episode of the #BSP!

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