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Penn State-Maryland Pre-Game Notes

The starting offensive line will look a bit different due to injuries.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Some notes from pre-game warmups:

  • Miles Dieffenbach is not dressed for today's game so once again, he will be unavailable.
  • Donovan Smith, hurt during the middle of the Ohio State game, also did not warm up with the first-team offensive line.
  • The group that DID take snaps during pre-game practice: LT: Andrew Nelson, LG: Brendan Mahon, C: Wendy Laurent, RG: Brian Gaia, RT Angelo Mangiro.

With Laurent taking a place on the starting offensive line, it seems that Coach James Franklin will come up with an alternative punishment for those, including Laurent, involved in the egg-throwing incident on Thursday night which resulted in criminal mischief charges. Which is good, because, it's egg-throwing.

Also, it appears Halloween may have gotten the best of the students this morning.

We're about 15 minutes from kickoff, folks. Enjoy your warm houses if you're reading this.