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MMQB: It's Time for Penn State Basketball

DJ Newbill and the crew are ready to go for Morgan State this Friday. Are you?

Oh Aaron, don't kid yourself. There's no way you were ever going to stop this.
Oh Aaron, don't kid yourself. There's no way you were ever going to stop this.
Jamie Sabau

If you are a regular reader of Black Shoe Diaries, you've surely seen at least some of the fantastic preseason basketball coverage that has been put out by our Basketbros thus far. Just in case though, I'll give you some time to get caught up with everything on this page.

All caught up? Good. Now you know everything you need to know heading into the 2014/2015 season, thanks to the best Penn State basketball coverage on the internet. That strange feeling that's overcome you is hope, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, there is an unfamiliar aura surrounding this year's Nittany Lions Basketballers. If things break the right way, it could be a season to remember in the Bryce Jordan Center.

Everyone knows about DJ Newbill (even if nearly every preseason top players list laughably failed to name him) and what kind of instant offense be brings to the table. Ross Travis and Brandon Taylor have both shown flashes in the past, and both seem to be ready to start putting it all together. Geno Thorpe was a defensive stud last season, and has been building confidence that will help him to attack the basket with even greater gusto on the offensive end this year. Jordan Dickerson and Donovan Jack have the size to give Penn State the big man presence on the inside that it so badly needs. The bench is filled with hard workers who give their maximum effort every time they hit the floor. Finally, they are all led by the fiery Patrick Chambers (who seems to think he's James Franklin with the way he's been recruiting).

Last year was a true stepping stone for this team, even if it didn't always look like it in the box scores and the standings. Wins over Indiana and Ohio State (twice!) were truly monumental for the program. The only question is, will those wins become the standard, or simply another piece of PSU Basketball history that fades into our memory?

I'll save my personal season predictions for a post later in the week, but right now I want to hear from you. What are you expecting from Penn State Basketball this season? Who will emerge as the second and third scorers behind DJ Newbill? Are the Lions headed for a postseason tournament? Which one?