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Former Foes Week 11

Former Foes focuses on the teams Penn State has already played, keeping track of the of the Akrons of college football.

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UCF (5-3)


Up Next: Tulsa (1-7)

Akron (4-5)

Lost to Bowling Green (6-3) 27-10

When you look at the stats of this game the two teams are oddly similar; Akron had 398 yards of total offense and Bowling Green had 389 yards of total offense.  The difference, however came on turnovers which Akron had 5 including a fumble that was recovered in the endzone for a touchdown.  That won't win you many games my friends.

Akron QB Kyle Pohl did complete 31 passes for 304 yards but he threw no touchdowns and tossed 3 interceptions.  Bowling Green's running backs Fred Coppet and Andre Givens combined for 214 yards and a score.  The game was very close until the 3rd quarter, BG held a 6-3 lead until two unanswered touchdowns with just over 9 minutes in the 3rd.  Akron did score to make it a 10 point game half way through the 4th but that would be the closest they would get.

Up Next: Buffalo (3-6)

BTPR (5-4)


Up Next: Indiana (3-6)

Massachusetts (2-7)

Up Next: Ball State (3-6)

Northwestern (3-6)

Lost to Michigan (5-5), 10-9

Northwestern scored with 3 seconds to go but chose to roll the dice and go for 2 instead of kicking the extra point.  That role came up snake eyes as Wildcat QB Trevor Siemian slipped on his drop back and Michigan got the win. Neither team scored in the first half as Michigan scored on a 3rd quarter De'Veon Smith run and the teams traded field goals in the 4th to set up the late Northwestern shenanigans.  Trevor Siemian did have a nice day completing 32 of his 49 passes for 273 yards and a touchdown but he also tossed two picks and had one major slip.

Up Next:#10 Notre Dame (7-2)

Michigan (5-5)

Beat Northwestern(3-6), 10-9
Up Next: Bye

#16 Ohio State (8-1)

Beat Michigan State(7-2), 49-37

That score is not a typo, and if you bet the over in this game congratulations; you're either a football God or really lucky.  No one predicted Ohio State and Michigan State would score 86 points and combine for 1104 total yards.  But that's what happened and now OSU has a case to make for the new playoffs.

J.T. Barrett completed only 16 passes but was efficient, netting 300 yards and 3 touchdowns with no picks.  He also ran 14 time for 86 yards and 2 more touchdowns.  The game was back and forth until Ohio State scored two late 2nd quarter touchdowns to take a 28 to 21 lead at halftime.  MSU closed the lead to 4 with a 3rd quarter field goal but that was the closest the Spartans would get as the Buckeyes closed things out with 2 touchdowns in the 4th.

Up Next: Minnesota (7-2)

Maryland (6-3)


Up Next: #8 Michigan State (7-2)