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BSD MVP – Indiana: Bill Belton

Bill Belton had the longest touchdown run in Penn State history on Saturday, which means this year's offense is responsible for the longest touchdown run in Penn State history. Yes, this year's offense!

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

While this almost entirely based upon one play, it’s a historic play, one that in 128 years of Penn State football had never previously occurred, and that makes it kind of a big deal. Sure, Blair Thomas had run for 92-yards once, but he didn't score on the play. There was also a 92-yard touchdown pass from Bob Higgins to Bill Hess back in 1919, however the longest run for a score prior was a 90-yard Bill Suter scamper in 1894. Belton's run was also the longest rushing touchdown in Memorial Stadium history. To put in perspective how shocking this play was, he ended the first half with 91 yards total, a half that included his record-breaking burst.

Bill Belton stepped up precisely when Penn State needed an offensive spark, immediately following Mark Murphy's interception return for a touchdown to give the Hoosiers the lead and guaranteed Penn State's defense would not need to score themselves. He ended the day with 137 yards, to be the first Nittany Lion to eclipse the century mark on ground in a game this season. He could have easily caused issues for an offense that has already shown to have more than enough this season, especially after being supplanted as the primary running back by Akeel Lynch, but he continues to grind and make the best of his opportunities and display the leadership you'd expect from a senior.

Honorable Mentions:

Bob Shoop - Stop me if you have heard this before, but this guy is good. No one on the defense really stood out over the others, but as a unit put in yet another thoroughly dominant performance. They held Indiana to 120 yards below their season rushing average total, kept Tevin Coleman to just 71 yards, and prevented him from another 43+yard carry as he had in every other game this year, except one. All this without significant injuries, despite Indiana creatively "blocking" during the game, or rather holding/targeting knees.

Freshmen - All of them, too many to list, all over the field on both sides of the ball. If you're looking for positives going forward this season, start there.