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Post-Game Link Dump: Temple Edition

A quick look around the interwebs to see what people are saying about Penn State's sixth, and bowl-clinching, victory of the season.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Onward State spoke to some of the players about what gaining bowl eligibility means for the Penn State program.

Mike Poorman takes a close look at the improvement of Penn State's offensive line, and what it means to have team leader Miles Dieffenbach back in the regular lineup.

Our friend Ben Jones hands out grades following the win against Temple.

Bob Flounders is in awe after Penn State manages to score three touchdowns in just 7:16 and salutes the immovable force that is the Penn STate run defense.

Greg Pickel takes a close look at the emerging young members of the secondary. Let's just say the future looks extremely bright for the unit. Remember when we were all panicked about the defensive backfield not long ago? Seems like a very distant memory now.

Adrian Amos discusses the turmoil of 2012 and what it means to finally go bowling.

James Franklin nearly killed a few people during his postgame celebration, but calmed down in time to discuss Penn State's 13th game of the season.

Mike Hull on what makes this Nittany Lions defense oh-so-good.

Victory Bell Rings honors the players of the week in the victory against Temple.

Someone said what we're all thinking- Christian Hackenberg isn't all that comfortable in the Penn State offense.