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The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 1.2: Morgan State & Fordham

One of the two best shows in the series thus far.

Brett Carlsen-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State hoops got off to their first 2-0 start since 2012 this weekend, and the basketbros have a lot to say about it. Too much, probably. In any case, BillChad, and podcast debutante Tim rounded up the action, as well as:

  • Shep Garner. He's really good and he's only a freshman! We talk about him a lot.
  • The upcoming Charleston Classic. Is Penn State the favorite to win the preseason tournament?
  • Recruiting. Pat Chambers signed the best recruiting class in school history last week. Are there more prospects joining the 2015 class?
  • Jan Jagla. Got a little ranty at the end there.

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