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Committany Nation (11.20.14): Defensive Tackle Update

In the wake of the Adam McLean news, we update you on what to expect moving forward in regards to the recruitment of defensive tackles.

2015 four star DT Christian Wilkins (Suffield Academy)
2015 four star DT Christian Wilkins (Suffield Academy)

Now that a nice, thick layer of doom and gloom seems to have covered the entirety of the Penn State sector of the internet, it seems like a good time to update you on the state of the most recently modified portion of the recruiting class of 2015, defensive tackle.

By now, it's no secret that four star DT Adam McLean (Quince Orchard, MD) has decommitted from Penn State. I am not at liberty to speak about the details of his decommitment at this time, but if you're looking for a more detailed description of the situation, check out what Sean Fitz had to say about it on Lions247. We wish Adam all the luck in the world in his future, no matter where that future ends up taking him.

No matter the reasoning, Penn State is preparing itself to move on from McLean in the 2015 class, and there are several options in place already.

Christian Wilkins

The number one priority at this point (not only for defensive tackle, but likely for the 2015 class in general), is four star DT Christian Wilkins (Suffield Academy). Wilkins would not only be a huge addition at a position that is now in need for the 2015 class, but would also become Penn State's highest rated recruit (according to the 247Composite). If you're looking for an update on how Wilkins feels about his recruitment though, you're better off going off to find a dodo bird. Christian has mastered the art of essentially never speaking to media, much like Alex Bookser (now at Pitt) in last year's recruiting cycle. Here is what we do know about Christian, though.

-He is still in the process of planning his official visit to Penn State. There hasn't been any word yet whether he will make said visit for a game (Michigan State) or after the season. He was most recently at Penn State in late June.

-He took an official visit to Stanford the weekend of September 13th.

-He is taking an official visit to Clemson this upcoming weekend.

-The other two schools who will receive official visits, are reportedly Ohio State and Notre Dame.

And that's pretty much it. Isn't it great? I'll do my best to continue to update you on Wilkins, but honestly, you'll learn things pretty quickly after I do in regards to him.

Austrian Robinson

Upon the news of McLean's departure from the 2015 class, the staff immediately reached out and offered three star DL Austrian Robinson (Trinity-Pawling School, NY). Not only was the offer extended, but a quick look into his twitter followers will reveal Coach Spencer, Steven Gonzalez, Ryan Bates, Jarvis Miller, and others. Judging by how the staff likes to operate (getting all of the recruits focused on certain guys), it wouldn't be surprising to learn that the current commits were tasked with giving Robinson the full court press.

Robinson currently holds 17 offers, with the most notable offers being from Penn State, Ole Miss, Miami, Virginia, and his current Crystal Ball leaders, Maryland. I'm in the process of reaching out to Robinson, so hopefully I'll have more on him soon.

The In-House Options

Penn State's solution may not be another recruit, at all. Defensive end is a position of extreme depth on the current Nittany Lion roster. One thing that both of the Penn State defensive end recruits (Kamonte Carter and Ryan Buchholz) have, is good size and potential to grow more. If the staff chooses to move one, or both of them to the inside, neither should have too difficult of a time doing so. If possible, I'm sure they would love to be able to keep Buchholz and his 6'6" frame rushing from the edge, but he is more than capable of playing inside at the next level.

From here, what the staff chooses to do about the defensive tackle spot will dictate a lot going forward. If Christian Wilkins or Austrian Robinson jumps on board, it's likely that nothing changes. If both Wilkins and Robinson take their talents elsewhere, you may see the staff make a stronger push for another defensive end to help offset moving one of the current commits to tackle.

Of course, there's also Penn State lean, and defensive end, Shareef Miller (Philadelphia, PA), whose commitment would make moving one of those guys to tackle a possible decision regardless of what else happens with Wilkins and Robinson.

In the end, we're all just living in a giant web. Ya feel me? We're all connected, moving through this crazy world together, independently living, but collectively contributing to this thing we call society. It makes you think man, it makes you think.