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Black Shoe Podcast - Penn State at Illinois

The #BSP talks defense (yet again, because why not?), a reemerging offense, and Illinois #porching in this week's episode!

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Who doesn't love a winning streak? The #BlackShoePodcast is fired up over two in a row! Adam (@AdamCollyer), Cari (@NotCarlotta), Bill (@bflip33), and former Penn State cornerback Stephon Morris (@s_morris12) talk about the 30-point explosion against Temple, Penn State's newly discovered running game, and, of course, dominating defense (as usual). PLUS, the crew previews this weekend's matchup against the Fighting Illini of the University of Illinois! All that and more on this week's episode of the #BSP.

Some nuggets:

  • The whole crew congratulates this year's team for getting bowl eligible, and makes plans (minus Bill) to do a podcast in person
  • Cari gives Steph crap for picking against the Nittany Lions last week
  • Steph worked out with the Bills this week, and staff members for the NFL team confirm that, despite fan belief, Hack will still go early in whatever draft he goes to
  • How great is this defense? Pretty great. Bill spouts off numbers backing up the fact that they may be the best in the nation--not just the Big Ten.
  • Could part of the offense's emergence last week be the full-time return of Miles Dieffenbach and Donovan Smith? Cari thinks yes, but it's a somewhat mental resurgence; Adam says it's a valid rant.
  • Steph goes into detail about being recruited by the Illinois staff after the sanctions came down, and the foursome reminisce about 2012 and Mike Mauti.
PLUS, Adam reneges on his promise to discuss the NCAA emails in greater detail next week, we briefly roundtable other PSU sports, and much more on the #BSP!

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