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Post Game Link Dump: Illinois Edition

Penn State lost its fifth game at Illinois; read all about the disappointment!

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start straight from the horse's mouth: James Franklin on the fourth down decision to punt.

Mike Poorman points out this game had a very familiar feeling, particularly that fourth down decision and its aftermath.

David Jones writes about Penn State's lack of third down targets using the nonsensical headline "...Unlike Illinois' freshman WR and back-up QB," neglecting the fact Illinois ended the game converting 2 of 16 on third downs for the day.

Fight On StateThe Morning CallPennLive, and all have their grades.

Jeff Rice at Lions247 writes about the lack of trust between coaches and players, players and coaches, and among the players themselves that has plagued the offense this season.

Frank Bodani briefly hits on Christian Hackenberg's increasingly shrinking performances this year.

Greg Pickel mentions the Penn State defense having an uncharacteristically off day helped doom the Nittany Lions.

Travis Johnson discusses how the lack of Brandon Bell affected the defense, but their questionable tackling is what ultimately resulted in the poor showing.

Bob Flounders argues that for all the fingers pointed at defense, the blame for the loss falls squarely on both the Penn State offense and special teams

Last, but not least, The Daily Collegian talks about the prevalent special teams issues yesterday that were so costly in the loss.