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MMQB: Who is Your Favorite Non-Penn State Big Ten Football Coach?

Mark Dantonio? Bo Pelini? Urban Meyer?

Who, me?
Who, me?
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I originally was going to title this post "Who is Your Least Favorite Big Ten Coach?", but I figured there wouldn't be much diversity in the choices for that, considering how Penn State fans feel about Urban Meyer and Tim Beckman.

This question initially came to my mind after thinking about Penn State's upcoming game with Michigan State. It's really easy to forget about any good qualities an opposing coach has when they're about to be on the other sideline. However, I don't find myself having that problem with Mark Dantonio and Pat Narduzzi, and I'm willing to bet that a lot of you share that same feeling.

Simply put, Dantonio just seems like an awesome guy. He gives off the impression of being a cool guy to talk to, he doesn't run his mouth with the media (despite his "guarantee" that Sparty would beat Ohio State, which was incredibly overblown), and has proven he knows how to evaluate talent and develop top notch football players. Any team lucky enough to have a head coach with those qualities, is putting themselves in a great position to win a lot of football games. Michigan State has done just that, and they've done it in a way that has been so enjoyable to watch.

Offenses like Ohio State's and the SEC teams that score points at absurd rates are fun to watch, sure. But I'd choose watching a great defensive performance over great offense every single time. The last few years, Michigan State has had a truly great defense. It's faltered a bit this year, and gotten a lot more out of its offense than expected, but they are still one of my favorite teams to watch.

Dantonio isn't for everyone though, and I know that. Some people do love that high volume offense and the man who runs it best in the Big Ten, Urban Meyer. Some like the brilliant offensive mind that is Indiana's Kevin Wilson. Some might say former Penn State coach, Larry Johnson. And I don't know how everyone doesn't love Bo Pelini at least a little bit.

So let's hear it. Who is your favorite non-Penn State football coach, and why? It could be a head coach, coordinator, positional coach, anyone. Keep it to football though, we can talk about basketball and other sports when we get bored after basketball season ends.