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BSD Big Ten Pick'em Challenge/Thursday Night Open Thread: Week 14

It's the final week of the BSD Big Ten challenge, join us for our Thursday night open thread!

That's not how you Twerk guys!
That's not how you Twerk guys!
Ed Zurga/Getty Images

On Tap

Can you believe it's the last week of football already?  Time flies during college football season.  Hopefully you had a good Thanksgiving and by "good" I mean you didn't kill anyone in your family.  Time to loosen the belts, hit the couch, and watch some football.

Tonight we get two games both starting at 7:30.  On Fox Sports 1 No. 5 TCU is playing for a spot in the inaugural college football playoff.  In their way: Texas, a team looking to stay above .500.  Over on ESPN you can catch LSU as they travel to take on Texas A&M.  One thing's for sure: the state of Texas will be busy tonight.

Last Week's Results

Nick P. 6 1
Bill 6 1
Chad 5 2
Dan 5 2
Cari 5 2
Jared 5 2
BSD Readers 5 2
Matt 4 3
Devon 4 3
Galen 4 3
Tim A. 4 3
bscaff 4 3
RYAN 4 3
Mike 3 4

Nick and Bill get this week's gold star for successfully traversing a difficult week to pick.  Nebraska and Maryland played spoilers for most of us this week.

Yearly Totals

W L Win %
Chad 85 19 81.7
Galen 83 21 79.8
Devon 81 23 77.9
Matt 81 23 77.9
Cari 81 23 77.9
Dan 81 23 77.9
Bill 81 23 77.9
Nick P. 81 23 77.9
BSD Readers 80 23 76.9
Jared 78 26 75.0
Tim A. 77 27 74.0
Mike 76 28 73.1
bscaff 74 30 71.2

So here it is, all the marbles come down to one week.  Our leader Chad can get 1 game wrong and still be guaranteed the BSD Prognosticator of the Year award.  2 wrong and he's still guaranteed a tie.  The pack needs him to fall flat on his face if anyone but me is going to catch him.

This Week's Games

Fri 11/28/14 Nebraska @ Iowa Iowa City, Iowa ABC 12:00 PM ET
Sat 11/29/14 Illinois @ Northwestern Evanston, Ill. ESPNU 12:00 PM ET
Sat 11/29/14 Michigan @ Ohio State Columbus, Ohio ABC or ESPN 12:00 PM ET
Sat 11/29/14 Purdue @ Indiana Bloomington, Ind. BTN 12:00 PM ET
Sat 11/29/14 Michigan State @ Penn State University Park, Pa. ABC or ESPN or ESPN2 3:30 PM ET
Sat 11/29/14 Minnesota @ Wisconsin Madison, Wis. BTN 3:30 PM ET
Sat 11/29/14 Rutgers @ Maryland College Park, Md. ESPNU 3:30 PM ET

Someone please tell me how you pick Purdue/Indiana, it's like the Big Ten Suck bowl.  The winner of Illinois/Northwestern get a bowl bid, the loser goes home for the year.  Thank God the Michigan - Ohio State game means absolutely nothing outside of the two fan-bases and speaking of meaningless games: OH HI RUTGERS/MARYLAND!

This Week's Picks

Galen Nebraska Northwestern Ohio State Indiana Penn State Wisconsin Rutgers
Cari Nebraska Northwestern Ohio State Indiana Michigan State Wisconsin Maryland
Matt Iowa jNW OSU Indiana MSU NWisconsin Maryland
bscaff Iowa Illinois Ohio State Purdue Penn State Minnesota Rutuegers
Devon Iowa Nerdwestern OSU Indy Them Wisky Maryland
Jared Iowa NW OSU Purdue MSU Wisconsin Maryland
Tim A. Corn NERRRRRRRRRRDS Bucks Boiler Up SPARTY DAMN IT Badgers Twerps
Dan Iowa Illinois Ohio State Indiana Michigan State Wisconsin Rutgers
Nick P. Nebraska jNW OSU Indiana PENN STATE Wisconsin Maryland
Bill Nebraska Northwestern Ohio State Indiana Sparty by a lot THE FIGHTIN' MELGORS Maryland
Chad Nebraska Northwestern Ohio State Indiana Sparty Wisconsin Maryland
Mike Nebraska northwestern Ohio State Indiana Michigan State Wisconsin Rutgers
RYAN Nebraska Northwestern Joey Bosa & Co. Purdue Penn State Wisconsin Maryland

I'm turning in my homer card for the first time this year and picking Penn State.  Which means they will lose by 3 touchdowns you can count on it. There's a lot of belief in Iowa and not so much in Indiana and bscaff goes postal for one more week.  What say you oh loyal reader?......

Week 14
Nebraska @ Iowa

Illinois @ Northwestern

Michigan @ Ohio State

Purdue @ Indiana

Michigan State @ Penn State

Minnesota @ Wisconsin

Rutgers @ Maryland

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