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The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 1.1

It's the debut of the best damn Penn State basketball podcast on the Internet. We can't believe it, either.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

For some reason, BSD decided to give the basketbros their own show. Don't worry, we're just as confused as you are.

Anyway, welcome to the first episode of The BSD Basketbro Show! On the inaugural edition of the pod, Bill (@bflip33), Chad (@Chad_BSD) and Eric (@BSD_Eric) talk about some really cool stuff related to Penn State hoops, like:

  • The offseason. It went really well! We recap it.
  • D.J. Newbill. He's really good at basketball! We talk about him, and why nobody gives him respect (HINT: it's because he goes to Penn State).
  • This year's team. We're optimistic! We talk about it, and address some of the burning questions about the Nittany Lions.
  • The non-conference schedule. It's painfully easy! Will PSU go undefeated? Maybe!
  • Predictions. We make them!

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Y'all ready for the season? Because we're ready for the season. It kicks off on November 14. If you're not ready, get fired up with the first edition of The BSD Basketbro Show! And of course, keep it locked on Black Shoe Diaries -- and our wonderful Twitter account -- for the best damn Penn State hoops coverage on the Internet.