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Black Shoe Podcast - Penn State vs. Indiana Hoosiers

Adam, Cari, Bill and Stephon talk Terps, handshakes, and Hoosiers on this week's #BSP!

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The #BlackShoePodcast returns after one of the ugliest games in the history of Penn State football. A pre-game skirmish, a handshake scandal, six turnovers, bad offense and even worse special teams were all on display when the Nittany Lions took on the Maryland Terps last weekend. Adam (@AdamCollyer), Cari (@NotCarlotta), Bill (@bflip33), and former Penn State cornerback (and Maryland resident) Stephon Morris (@s_morris12) return to the virtual studio in Morristown, NJ to discuss the...ahem...action. PLUS, the gang takes a look ahead at this weekend's battle against the Indiana Hoosiers!

The fun stuff:

  • Adam tells the sad story of this past weekend.  Cari tries to defend herself and her home state.  Bill (like McKayla) is unimpressed.
  • Steph missed our famous theme music.  He's devastated.  The loss to Maryland didn't do him any favors either.
  • Lots of discussion about Christian Hackenberg, the offense, and the issues raised in Sunday's "Hey Wha Happen?" column.
  • The defense - stellar.  Special teams? Less than.
  • What's happening in the locker room?  Comparisons between Hack and Matt McGloin?  What do we see moving forward?
  • The handshake debate rolls on.  No one is thrilled.  Buzz words - "classless," "pathetic."
  • The Indiana Hoosiers come calling this weekend, featuring star running back Tevin Coleman.  What can Penn State do to get back on the right track?
  • The gang predicts this weekend's game.  Adam and Bill plug the first episode of The BSD BasketBro Show, the newest podcast on the Black Shoe Podcast Network!  Cari plugs the wrestling team!  Steph plugs his continued search for Mark Emmert!  Will Seal Team 6 get involved?

All that and much more on the #BSP!

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