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Success with Hyperlinking: What Now?

Maryland ain't heard no bell

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

A Look Back at Maryland

Maryland began last week's tilt with some not so good actions. Even before the national anthem, both teams were involved in a scuffle which resulted in one player hitting a ref, and a lot of bad blood. Next, at the coin toss, Maryland players refused to shake hands with the PSU Captains. Very Classy. James Franklin talked about #ShakeGate in this video, amongst others. Coach Randy Edsall did apologize and was fined, however.

As far as the game goes, we learned a few things. One of the more obvious, recurring messages is that the defense is good enough to keep Penn State in games, even with the offense struggling. Some defensive players, like Mike Hull, feel it is their duty to play perfect to win games...and with the way the Offense is playing that may be true. Everyone knows the troubles stand with the frustrated offense.

People have called out the playcalling, the Offensive Line, and even the untouchable Hack. Coaching through the whole game has been meh offensively, but this showed heavily in the final possession of the Maryland game, as they were shut down without a fight. Guys like Daesean Hamilton wishes the offense would play better to repay the defense with more offensive production. Yes, Daesean. We all wish that. That had chances which they missed out on, and some of these balls bouncing the other way could be just the help the D needs. But, to summarize the Maryland game, as Bob Flounders put it, "Yikes" other than The Defense and Sam Ficken.

Moving on to Indiana

Though Penn State is the victim of 4 straight losses, they still opened as a 4Pt Favorite over the Hoosiers as some see it as a potential bounce-back game for the Nittany Lions. IU's runningback Tevin Coleman was the subject of another Flounders piece, which notes how dangerous the statistical beast's game truly is. Furthormore, in order to beat the Hoosiers, Penn State must achieve a few things, which are the keys to a victory. By the way, Tevin Coleman is a bad man, and nothing to be looked over. He ain't your typical B1G back.


After a four game losing streak it's understandable to be upset. We are upset, however, it is important to be sensible. Like I said above, the blame is completely isolated from the D...they've done their job. The offense is where the issue is, which is clear. Every bad team ever wants to pin something down on one person, when in reality that is rarely ever the case. One guy, unless he's Nova-like, can't destroy a team. John Donovan might not be the best OC, but he's not the whole problem. He may be a problem, but he's not the sole issue. Everybody deserves a little blame, and there's more than enough to go around. Let's hope for the best heading into Hoosiers week.