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The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 1.4: Akron and Bucknell

♫ the boys are back in town ♫

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It was another tense week for Penn State basketball, as the squad won both games that it played by a total of 14 points. On this week's episode of the Basketbro Show, Tim Aydin (@happyhourvalley), Bill DiFilippo (@bflip33) and Eric Gibson (@BSD_Eric) discussed the week in shootyhoops, including:

  • The Akron game. It was weird! Penn State played horribly in the first half. They played awesome in the second half. Bill couldn't watch the second half. Blame him. Anyway, the guys discussed what the difference was between the two halves.
  • Going to Bucknell. It's a nice stadium! The guys have nothing but rave reviews for Sojka Pavilion.
  • The game against the Bison. It was fun! PSU fended off a tough Bison squad thanks to several made #RossTravisJumpShots. The guys were never really threatened by Bucknell. They explain why.
  • We have an update on Eric's quest for the ultimate Jan Jagla moment!
  • The guys preview this week's game. They should both be wins! Eric explains why Wednesday's game against Virginia Tech is especially big for D.J. Newbill.
  • Things are wrapped up with a discussion about the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. It should be awesome! Bill gives a rundown of the games, while Eric tells you why you should be excited for Wednesday night's showdown between Wisconsin and Duke.

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