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Pickin' Nits Wants To Go To The Ship

One team is getting closer and closer, but we all still know what the goal is.

ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

One of my favorite movies was on the other day. Even though I'm starting to get in the Christmas spirit (I'll officially declare I'm in the spirit next week when finals are over), I can watch Hardball any day of the week even around the holidays. It's better than watching the Pretty Little Liars Christmas Special that's for damn sure. As I mentioned previously, the goal at Penn State is to achieve greatness.

In other words, we want to go to the ship.

Which team is getting closer and closer by the day? Well, let's find out.


DUHHH-duhduh-DUHHHHHHHHHHH Please welcome the men's and women's gymnastics teams to the party. I know absolutely nothing that can even resemble any formidable insight on gymnastics. If you ask me, we're just asking people to be the next dare devils to walk on a high wire between two buildings. Seems like a good career path if you ask me.

Can't wait for some flippy flops and some very strong lads on the rings this year!

And one of the recruits for next year's squad on the women's team has her own website..........ok we see you doing big things. It apparently says she's still a verbal commit to Oklahoma. I suggest fixing that soon, Mason.

This Week Ahead: Apparently you can have exhibitions in gymnastics. There, I learned something today. It will also be at Rec Hall on Friday.

Swimming and Diving

DUHHH-duhduh-DUHHHHHHHHHHH Please welcome the men's and women's swimming and diving teams to the party. Crank that heat up indoors so we don't experience the most devastating thing that can ever happen in a pool.

I know I'm kind of late to said party, but all the soccer this fall took some of my attention off the swimmers here. Wow, I never thought I'd say soccer made me lose focus on anything. Weird.

When's this new natatorium going to be built as well?

This Week Ahead: So apparently they just wrapped up an invitational down at UGA and don't have a meet until January 16 at #CHOPnation with Yale. Pack your inner tubes.

Women's Ice Hockey

If you want to ever go to a bar, bring someone from the women's ice hockey team. They'll split the tab with you.

After a dominant 5-0 win on Friday at Robert Morris, Penn State dropped the Saturday contest 4-2. It's the fifth time this year the Nittany Lions have split wins with a weekend opponent this year.

Junior Shannon Yoxheimer led the way on Friday with her seventh and eighth goals of the year. Sophomore Laura Bowman contributed her eighth goal of the year as well on Satuday. #MinnetonkaPower

This Week Ahead: Mercyhurst comes into Pegula on Friday and Saturday before a minor hiatus in the season over break. I'll put the over/under for Penn State wins this weekend at 0.5. Who do you like??

Women's Volleyball

We've established the state of affairs and that they aren't messing around anymore. So far so good for the Nittany Lions in their first NCAA tournament action this past weekend with 3-0 sweeps over Siena and Dayton.

I caught the first round match and this team played with great cohesiveness as the match went along. I'm sure Russ wasn't pleased with their start, but a win is a win no matter how it comes during tournament time.

This Week Ahead: It's down to Louisville to take on UCLA in the Sweet 16 on Friday night. The winner will face the winner of Ohio State/Wisconsin for a trip to Oklahoma City. Let's hope the Bucks and the Badgers have a more competitive game than that football game the other day (if you want to call it that).