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Wrestling Wreport: Penn State dominates Maryland

The Penn State Wrestling team welcomes Maryland to the Big Ten with a 38-3 victory


125: #10 Jordan Conaway vs. Michael Beck

Conaway pressured early looking for the throw then looked to work the legs.   Beck took a shot and was countered for the first takedown. Conaway put on a good ride and finished the period on top. Conaway chose down and quickly escaped. He then worked his way to a nice takedown and a 5-0 lead. Conaway then worked the tilt several times getting a 2 count and a second 2 count. Beck got the escape after a reset. Conaway kept up the pressure but the period ended with no more scoring. Beck chose neutral but was quickly taken down for a 11-1 deficit. Conaway then cranked up the tilt for 4 more points. He cut Beck looking for the Tech fall but couldn't get the finishing takedown but still won an impressive 15-2 decision

133: #5 Jimmy Gulibon vs. #11 Geoffrey Alexander

Both wrestlers looked for an opening early with both looking for hand control. Alexander scored first to take the 2-0 lead. Alexander broke Gulibon down and put on a strong ride. The period ended with Gulibon down 2-0 and the riding time building. Alexander chose down and Gulibon looked to get the riding time back. Gulibon erased the advantage and began building his own but got nailed for stalling on top. He did finish off the period in control. Gulibon chose bottom and looked to break Alexander's strong ride. Gulibon nearly got the reversal but settled for the escape. He then turned on the pressure and got the takedown to take a 3-2 lead. Gulibon then turned Alexander for a 3 count.  Smelling blood Gulibon nearly caught Alexander on his back but got 3 more and the period ended and Gulibon had the nice 9-2 victory.

141: Michael Waters vs. Shyheim Brown

Waters pressed early and nearly got the throw. Both wrestlers traded shots but neither scored as the period ended. Waters chose neutral to start. Both wrestlers looked to set up their shots but neither scored. Brown chose down to start the 3rd and quickly escaped for the 1-0 lead. Waters took his shots but could not break through Brown's defense and the match ended with Waters down 1-0.

149:#13 Zack Beitz vs. Ben Dorsay

Beitz scored quick with a nice ankle pick and a 2-0 lead. Beitz looked to rack up the riding time and did just that almost turning Dorsay after trapping his arm. Beitz finished out the period in control. Beitz chose down and quickly escaped. Dorsay shot and Beitz countered for another takedown and a 5-0 lead. Beitz looked for a turning combo but the period ended with no more scoring. The 3rd period started with both wrestlers neutral. Beitz nearly scored but after a reset did just that.  Beitz looked for a turning combo didn't get the score but got his second stall call and won 9-0.

157:Cody Law vs. Lou Mascola

Law got in early but couldn't finish the shot. Law was the aggressor but couldn't score and the period ended. Mascola chose down worked his way to an escape and a 1-0 lead. Both wrestlers looked for an opening but neither could sore. Law chose down and steadily worked for the escape. After a scramble, Law fought through a shot attempt for a takedown late in the 3rd. Mascola escaped with time running out but Law escaped with the 3-2 win.

165:Garett Hammond vs. Tyler Manion

After a wild scramble Hammond came out on top with the takedown and a 2-0 lead. Hammond put on a strong ride, building up riding time and looking for a turning combo. The period ended with Hammond in control. Hammond chose down and quickly escaped for the 3-0 lead. Manion was injured and after the restart it was Hammond's choice and he got a quick escape and a 4-0 lead. Hammond pushed the offense and got another takedown and cut Manion. He hit another late takedown and the period ended with Hammond leading 8-1. Manion chose down and escaped. Hammond smelled blood and got a quick takedown and cut Manion. With the major in hand Hammond looked for more. He added 2 more takedowns and won 15-4

174: #2 Matt Brown vs.T.J. Guidice

Brown scored quick and looked for the turning combination. He locked up the cradle and looked for the pin. With 1:50 the match was over and Brown barely broke a sweat.

184: #19 Matt McCutcheon vs. Tony Gardner

McCutcheon pushed the action early and got the takedown at the side of the mat. Gardner escaped but was quickly taken down. McCutcheon put on a great ride and finished out the period 4-1. The period started with the wrestlers neutral and McCutcheon quickly scored. After an escape McCutcheon scored at the edge of the mat. He cut Gardner looking for the major. He quickly shot in and scored to make it 10-3. He rode out the period and had a 7 point lead and riding time. Gardner chose down and McCutcheon made him pay, turning him for 2 points. McCutcheon let him go looking for more and scored quickly for a 14-4 lead. Gardner escaped but McCutcheon scored again. With McCutcheon up 16-5 and a riding time point in hand he looked for a turning combo. Gardner escaped but McCutcheon walked away with the 17-6 win.

197:#4 Morgan McIntosh vs. Rob Fitzgerald

McIntosh came out of the gate quick got the takedown and locked up the cradle. He patiently worked Fitzgerald to his back and got the pin.

285: Jimmy Lawson vs. Nail

With the match in hand, Sanderson sent Lawson to the mat. Lawson circled and got behind Nail for the first takedown. Lawson cut Nail and scored a late double leg takedown and the period ended with Jimmy up 4-1. Lawson chose down and quickly escaped. Lawson gained control of Nail for his 3rd takedown and cut him lose. Nail took a long shot and Lawson turned into another takedown. After a quick Lawson cut, Jimmy scored again.  With the period winding down Lawson rode the time out. Nail chose down and escaped. Jimmy added takedown after takedown and won 20-8.