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Pickin' Nits Ain't Messing Around.

It's winning time folks.

Rob Christy-USA TODAY Sports

There are too many occurrences of teams that have great regular seasons and end up faltering in postseason play. The '01 Seattle Mariners (Sorry Nick), '07 New England Patriots (Sorry Bill) and last year's Wichita State men's basketball team (Sorry hopeless Missouri Valley fans) are some of the best at displaying that case. It takes a certain breed of individual to have success in the postseason. And yes I am aware two years ago Wichita State went to the Final Four two years ago SO BACK OFF!!! Sorry.

When the chips are down and your backs are against the wall, who shows up in the clutch? One thing is for sure, I'm not one of those people even though I'd sure as hell like to be. I had the final shot opportunity in a seventh grade basketball game once and I broke the cardinal sin in hoops. I never even get a shot off.

I know there are some Nittany Lions that aren't afraid to get that last shot off!


The women capped off their year coming so close to another Final Four appearance. The Texas A&M Aggies took down Penn State 2-1 on Saturday down in College Station.

A&M got on the board in the fifth minute of play with a goal from senior Allie Bailey. She must be kind of a big deal in Aggieland because Johnny Manziel follows her on twitter.

Penn State knotted it back up at 1-1 from a Salina Williford goal in the 53rd minute only to have Bailey put in her second goal of the day.

Freakin' SEC....

Congratulations to Erica Walsh's team and the rest of her staff on another tremendous season!

Women's Ice Hockey

This team has more wins than the football team does before December. That's quite the accomplishment for head coach Josh Brandwene and his young squad this year.

Penn State split with a 3-0 win and 2-1 loss this past week with Lindenwood. Junior Celine Whitlinger pitched another shutout in the crease with 21 saves while sophomore Laura Bowman had a goal and an assist. It's all about that Minnetonka thing right now!

Junior Shannon Yoxheimer's sixth goal of the season wasn't enough as the fighting Pierre Desir's chipped in a goal in the second and third periods.

If you're keeping track at home, we've talked about Johnny Manziel and Pierre Desir so far. This is as much attention the Cleveland Browns have ever received in Pickin' Nits history.

This Week Ahead: It's back on the road for Penn State for a weekend series with Robert Morris beginning on Friday.

Women's Volleyball

Business as usual on Wednesday at Northwestern, 3-0.

Business as usual on Saturday against Nebraska, 3-0.

This is the team I'm talking about in terms of winning in postseason. This could be the hottest team in the country with a 41 CONSECUTIVE SET STREAK still intact. This is a historic stretch to say the least, but it will certainly lose some of its luster if the Nittany Lions aren't able to come away with another national championship. That's the nature of sports. Nobody remembers who finished second or third, but if Penn State captures the sixth national championship in eight years, then this will be the streak that everyone remembers.

I'm off the soapbox now.

This Week Ahead: The road to Oklahoma City starts with a first round matchup against Siena on Friday at Rec Hall. The winner then plays the winner of American/Dayton on Saturday.