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MMQB: What Are You Expecting From Penn State During The Pinstripe Bowl?

The Nittany Lions have a surprisingly good matchup against Boston College in the Pinstripe Bowl on Saturday. What do you expect will happen?

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

We're five days away from Penn State's bowl game. It only seems like yesterday that Penn State was 4-0 and about to take on Northwestern before *car crash noise*, right? Man, this was such a fun, depressing, exciting, awful season.

So yeah, this Saturday is the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium against Boston College. As Cari's Just the Stats post shows, these two teams are pretty fairly even. Boston College's biggest strength is its rushing offense, and Penn State's biggest strength is its rushing defense. This game should be fun. It's going to be uglier than the city of Detroit, especially because it's a god damn football game at a baseball field, but it'll be fun!

This got us wondering, what should we expect? It's been a while since Penn State went to a bowl game, and we don't talk about that game, because Rob Bolden turned into a literal turd. Here are some things I'm expecting:

  1. Christian Hackenberg, who I think has maybe been banged up for most of the year, is probably healthier, and he'll have a nice game. No next level, destroyer of worlds stuff, but a nice game.
  2. The offensive line will be solid, comparatively speaking.
  3. The defense stays mostly in tact, but it has a few lapses where BC rips off big plays.
  4. The environment is something like 70/30 Penn State.
  5. Brandon Bell and Mike Hull will have themselves a game.
I'm not predicting a score, that's for later this week. And I want all of you to do the same thing in the comments. No score prediction, we'll save all of that for Friday. Let's get bold:

What do you expect will happen in the bowl game? Which players will have huge games? Which players will underperform? Will there be anything unique -- good or bad -- that we haven't seen out of Penn State this year? Basically, what should we expect will happen?