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YAY HOOPS: Penn State vs. Dartmouth Open Thread


Brett Carlsen-USA TODAY Sports

We're so, so, SO close to being 12-1, you guys. GET EXCITED. The only thing standing between Penn State and a 12-1 record is Dartmouth, which is nicknamed "Big Green," which is awful. Speaking of awful, Dartmouth isn't exactly the 1996 Chicago Bulls. You can learn more about today's opponent with Chad's preview. Check it out right here.

Of course, here's the open thread. The game is on BTN Plus, so if you can't watch, we'll make jokes and provide updates (mostly make jokes) here and on Twitter. Usual open thread rules apply: no porn, no illegal streams (even if they'd be incredibly convenient today), no politics, no ranking Kanye albums, and no general jackassery that would lead to me dropping the ban hammer all up in here. However, if you do want to discuss the general direction of NXT and why its product is better than that of WWE/what you think will happen to the more notable NXT superstars (Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Finn Bálor, Hideo Itami, Adrian Neville, hell, even the Ascension and Baron Corbin) once they get main roster call ups, go for it!

Go State, beat Big Green, and by god, let's get to 12-1.