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MMQB: What Was Your Favorite Thing About The Pinstripe Bowl?

We want to know more about you, commentariat.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

So this weekend was fun, eh? Whether you watched the Pinstripe Bowl on your couch or at a bar or from Yankee Stadium, we all hope that you had an amazing time watching Penn State do that thing where it gives us all a heart attack for 59:30 but somehow wins a big game.

There were a lot of wonderful parts of this weekend, ranging from a number of different things. Here are some that stuck out to me:

  • Meeting literally hundreds of Penn Staters, most of whom were awesome. Unfortunately, one of them was Matt de Bear. Who I have met before. But it's still unfortunate.
  • The BSDrink Up! We drank a lot together and had fun! Good job, everyone who attended. There will be a FanPost about this later today.
  • Getting to Yankee Stadium! I took a taxi because taking a New York City subway to Yankee Stadium is a fate worse than death. Don't do this, ever. Just for future reference.
  • The game itself was so, so awesome, and some of the performances were spectacular. Christian Hackenberg looked like a five-star recruit again. Akeel Lynch briefly turned into Marshawn Lynch (fun fact: I was sitting next to Nick as this happened, and he's a huge Seahawks fan, so he kept screaming "MARSHAWN LYNCH!" and it was awful). Chris Godwin looks like he's going to be a superduperabsoluteholygodsincewhendidDelawareproduceplayerslikethis star. Anthony Zettel and Austin Johnson literally ate six Boston College linemen. And of course, there was Sam By God Ficken, whose career came full circle as he drilled a field goal to win a bowl game for Penn State in year three of the bowl ban. God, typing that was so fun.
  • James Franklin went all "Hit 'Em Up" on the NCAA with the culture thing. That was cool. Ah hell, who am I kidding, that was amazing. I think I felt my soul briefly leave my body in an attempt to ascend to heaven, because I will never witness something as baller as that again.
With that in mind, we ask you: What was your favorite thing about the Pinstripe Bowl? Was it something involving a certain player's performance? Did it involve your trip to New York City? Was it just the fact that Penn State was in a bowl game? WE WANT TO KNOW.