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Penn State Bowl Hopes Roundtable

The BSD staff asks where they'd like to see Penn State play this postseason.

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Bowl selections should be finalized this weekend and, at 6-6, the Nittany Lions are bowl-eligible for the first time since 2011. While there is a small, logistical chance that Penn State is left home this postseason, money should win out and Penn State should have one more game to close out the 2014 campaign. These are the locations that BSD staffers hope to see the Lions later on this month.

Nick Page: 1) Pinstripe. 2) Clemson. 3) I would consider going to NY for it.

Nick Polak: Pinstripe Bowl. I will admit, this is mostly for selfish reasons, as I want to see Penn State play one more time in person this year. Wait, do I really want that? Hm...

I've never seen Penn State play anywhere outside of Beaver Stadium, so seeing them at Yankee Stadium would be awesome. It would almost make me forget how stupidly that stadium is designed and how empty it feels. As far as an opponent, I don't care if it means we might lose to them, I want to face one of Notre Dame and Pitt. The threat of losing be damned, those would both be very fun games. Not only for rivalry purposes, but for pure football as well. Penn State didn't get to face Melvin Gordon or Ameer Abdullah this year (although they did obliterate Tevin Coleman), so it would be fun to see them go up against James Conner. Everett Golson wouldn't be as much fun to play, but beating Notre Dame, the school that has successfully flipped two of Penn State's 2015 commits thus far, would be quite satisfying.

Bill: I want to play Boston College in the Pinstripe Bowl. My reasons are the same as Nick's in regards to the venue and what not. I'd get to go to the game, and watching football at Yankee Stadium would be such a unique and cool experience (plus, as a Yankee fan, I can be a "WE'RE IN THA HOUSE THAT JEETAH BUILT" asshole, which is fun!). The reason that I want to play BC is because it is one of the best rushing teams in the country. Penn State's rushing defense, as we all know, is spectacular. I want to see that strength vs. strength matchup. Sure, watching Penn State's offense against a defense that has been pretty solid this year would be bad and not cool, but hey, Yankee Stadium!

Matt: I'd love to go to the Music City Bowl in Nashville. It's a great town, with great live music (not just country either, if that's not your thing), great food, and most importantly, I have a line on great seats there through a business contact. On top of that, the James Franklin returning to Nashville storyline would get PSU some extra attention, and I'd love to see how we stack up against a mid-level SEC team, like Tennessee or Texas A&M. With all that said, New York and the Pinstripe Bowl seems like the most likely landing spot.

bscaff: Well I'm not traveling for the bowl game, so I couldn't care less about the relative merits of a particular city, it's projected weather, or how convenient it might be for Chris and Bill. That leaves me with match-up as the sole factor in my decision making here. The Big Ten and ACC bottom feeders play each other in two bowls - the Quick Lane and the Pinstripe. Best of all, the ACC features three teams I'd love to play - VaTech, Pitt, and Miami. Two longtime rivals, and one relative doppelganger. Detroit, New York - I don't care where it's played, or if the people in attendance are wearing t-shirts or parkas. Any of those three opponents would please me to no end, and provide a ton of interesting stories. Best of all, those 3 squads all stink, just like us, so there's a chance we can win and carry some momentum into the off-season. Forget about your bowl slotting for a minute, Jim Delany, and think of the money to be made and TV ratings to garner. You and old pal John Swofford could turn a crap bowl into a bonanza, if you're only willing to ignore a few rules. Scratch that - guidelines. They're only guidelines, fellas.

Cari: I alluded to this somewhat in this week's mailbag, but I would like to see us in the Pinstripe (which is a definite possibility) against Notre Dame (which isn't so much a possibility). No matter where PSU goes, we'll draw a huge crowd; but that effect will be magnified in the Northeast, and #dominatingthestate can only be helped if the team is actually playing within that footprint. Notre Dame was once a top ten team this year before having the wheels fall off of their season, and I think they would match up for us (at least for our defense really well); plus two such storied, historic programs matching up against each other is a win-win. The negative, of course, is that the Irish played in the Pinstripe last year, so the likelihood of their return to face the Nittany Lions is growing increasingly slim.

Ryan: I mean it's got to be all but decided by now that Penn State is going to the Pinstripe Bowl. It's no secret that Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney wants the Big Ten to have a presence in the NY/NJ market, so why not put one of arguably your most recognizable programs on the east coast in it. Obviously everyone would like to see a game against Notre Dame or Pitt, but I want a favorable matchup and even though Notre Dame is on a free fall, I'd hate to see what could happen if Pitt were able to strike first in the Franklin era. Give me a Miami (FL) matchup. What a better way to welcome back Penn State to the bowl game scene than a battle with the last team Penn State beat for a national championship. Let's remember the glory years and look forward to the future at the same time!

Nick Blonde: In terms of what bowl I'd like to see Penn State play, the answer is none. I want to see them in the Playoff, but I'll gladly settle for the Pinstripe Bowl against Notre Dame this year. Growing up in eastern Pennsylvania, that was Penn State's rival and it seemed as though everyone was either a fan of one school or the other, so I'd never pass up a chance to play them. The fact that bowl is close enough to attend without much hassle or expense is simply a bonus.

On a side note, if Penn State gets passed over for the B1G bowls and takes one of the other conferences spots, I'm looking forward to the B1G still trying to keep Penn State's bowl revenue. I dare them to come and get it.

Tim A: The Pinstripe Bowl would be my choice. Given that we're grateful just to be bowl eligible again, this is the one year where in wont feel like a disappointment to be playing a game in NYC in a baseball stadium, which make no mistake - will become Yankee Beaver Stadium, given the vast number of alumni living in the Tri-state area.

As for the opponent: I would prefer Virginia Tech, as PSU has yet to play them (and as of now, won't until 2022) and because they are an opponent PSU would have a legit shot at beating in a low-scoring defensive slugfest. Duke is alright with me too, just because. I don't think Boston College would make a very intriguing bowl opponent (much like how Ralphie from A Christmas Story doesn't think a football would make for a good Christmas present).

Dan: I'm in two schools of thought when it comes to a bowl game this year. As I'm stuck in Texas for the holiday season, a trip to the Heart of Dallas Bowl would be beneficial as I'd have a chance to get to it. It's also the bowl that, if going by the tiers set up by the Big Ten, Penn State belongs in. We'd have a chance to play Western Kentucky, who unraveled Marshall's undefeated season this past week by putting up 67 points. Yes, it's a mid-major, but it's a team that ranks third in passing offense and sixth in scoring offense in the nation, once again giving Bob Shoop's defense a chance to shine. Also, I spent a summer on WKU's campus, so connections like that are always fun.

If I had to sit in my apartment in Lubbock and watch a game, though, I'd probably choose the Pinstripe against Duke. One, I would get to laugh at everyone freezing their asses off while there's a good chance it could still be in the 50s or 60s here. Also, once again, a Duke offense led by Anthony Boone and Jamison Crowder would once again be fun to watch go up against the Lions. Also, they have one of the top playmaking safeties in the country named DeVon Edwards, so we can make jokes about that for the next three weeks.