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Nittany Lion Open Results

Nittany Lion Open 2014 results

Penn State hosted the Nittany Lion Open Sunday after a one-year hiatus.   Registration was down, and, outside of Penn State wrestlers, the field consisted mostly of redshirts.  But it's still a ton of great wrestling.  Let's take a look at the results.  For the full brackets, click here.

125 LBS

Jordan Conaway - 1st

Round Opponent Result
Rd 1 Brandon Olsen (VaTech) TF 17-2
Quarters Michael Beck (Maryland) TF 15-0 4:16
Semis Sean Russell (Edinboro) MAJ 11-2
Final Dalton Macri (Cornell) DEC 10-3

Kenny Yanovich -8th

Round Opponent Result
Pigtail Ryan Elliot (West Virginia) MAJ 11-2
Rd 1 Darian Cruz (Lehigh) L, 1-9
Consi Rd 1 James Sulkosky (Lock Haven) MAJ 11-1
Consi Rd 2 Michael Beck (Maryland) DEC 5-2
Consi Rd 3 Josh Patrick (Rutgers) L, 2-8
7th/8th Brandon Olsen (VaTech) L, 5-6

Just about what we expected here.  Jordan looked strong, wrestled aggressively, and took first over took recruit Dalton Macri.  Kenny Yanovich had a nice tournament as well, finishing 8th with a 3-3 record.

133 LBS

Jimmy Gulibon - 1st

Round Opponent Result
Rd 1 BYE
Quarters Jackson Myers (VaTech) DEC 6-1
Semis Sean Fausz DEC 8-2
Final Anthony Giraldo (Rutgers) DEC 3-1

Just three matches for Jimmy, all decision victories.  But he's healthy, and undefeated on the season.

141 LBS

Kade Moss - 4th

Round Opponent Result
Rd 1 Jason Bing (F&M) DEC 9-4
Quarters Matthew Bryer (Lock Haven) DEC 10-3
Semis Tyson Dippery (Rutgers) L, 7-9
Consi Semis Paul Kirchner (Rider) WBF 6:22
Consi Final Brock Zacherl (Clarion) L, 2-3

Michael Waters - 5th

Round Opponent Result
Pigtail Brandon Walker (Maryland) TF 21-3
Rd 1 Matthew Kelly (Army) DEC 12-5
Quarters Will Koll (Cornell) MAJ 8-0
Semis Dennis Gustafson (VaTech) L, 3-6
Consi Semis Brock Zacherl (Clarion) L, 2-5
5th/6th Paul Kirchner (Rider) W, Forfeit

This weight had more talent in the bracket than others.  Kirchner is a #20 - #35 type of wrestler.  Gustafson won a few matches at NCAAs last year.  Ty Dippery was a top flight recruit last season.  Our Lions, Moss and Waters, took 4th and 5th.  That probably wasn't the goal for either wrestler, but it's not a terrible result, either.

149 LBS

Zach Beitz - DNP

Round Opponent Result
Rd 1 John Vanschenkbrill (Rutgers) L, 5-9
Consi Rd 1 Medical Forfeit

Luke Frey - 3rd

Round Opponent Result
Rd 1 Jake DeAngelo (NC State) DEC 7-2
Quarters Anthony Duncan (Maryland) TF 16-0, 2:16
Semis Rick Durso (F&M) L, 2-7
Consi Semis John Vanschenkbrill (Rutgers) MAJ 14-1
Consi Final Solomon Chisko (VaTech) DEC 6-4

Zach dropped a strange first bout, and then retired from the tournament.  Luke wrestled well overall, placing 3rd, with a very nice consolation final win over VaTech's Chisko, a top 2013 recruit.  This was one of the stronger weight classes overall, with F&M's redshirting All-American Rick Durso taking the title.

157 LBS

Cody Law - 2nd

Round Opponent Result
Pigtail Tony Tolbert (Delaware CC) W, MFF
Rd 1 Jake Spengler (VaTech) DEC 8-3
Quarters Toby Hague (Maryland) WBF 1:45
Semis Kyle Simaz (Cornell) MAJ 16-5
Final Jason Nolf (Penn State) L, 8-21

Jason Nolf - 1st

Round Opponent Result
Pigtail Matt Fisher (Sacred Heart) WBF 1:51
Rd 1 Garrett Wolfinger (Penn College) WBF 4:00
Quarters Justus Weaver (VaTech) WBF 4:31
Semis Dylan Painton (Rutgers) TF 22-6 5:45
Final Cody Law (Penn State) MAJ 21-8


165 LBS

Garrett Hammond - 7th

Round Opponent Result
Rd 1 William Sullivan (Lehigh) TF 18-2
Rd 2 Dillon Gavlock (Lock Haven) MAJ 14-6
Quarters Craig Eifert (Cornell) L, 7-9
Consi Rd 3 Kyle Bova (Lock Haven) MAJ 15-2
Consi Qrts Coleman Gracey (Army) L, 6-8
7th/8th Nick Visicaro (Rutgers) W, MFF

Garrett started strong but dropped a tight 7-9 decision to Cornell's redshirting Craig Eifert in the quarterfinals.  Sunday wasn't a step forward for Garrett, but it's not really a step backwards, either.  Lots of wrestling to go this year.

174 LBS

Matt Brown - 1st

Round Opponent Result
Pigtail Thomas Grosso (Sacred Heart) WBF 4:29
Rd 1 Patrick Jennings (Edinboro) MAJ 13-5
Quarters Brian Brill WBF 4:18
Semis Ty Walter (Cornell) WBF 2:40
Final Bo Nickal (Penn State) DEC 10-7

Bo Nickal - 2nd

Round Opponent Result
Pigtail Travis Moyer (Lock Haven) WBF 1:21
Rd 1 Charlie Livingston (Kutztown) WBF 0:41
Quarters Drew Garcia (Cornell) TF 15-0, 5:18
Semis Brandon Womack (Cornell) DEC 8-4
Final Matt Brown (Penn State) L, 7-10


184 LBS

Matt McCutcheon - 1st

Round Opponent Result
Rd 1 Zach Bruce (Pitt) TF 18-2, 5:41
Quarters Ali Yildiz (Rider) WBF 3:55
Semis Jack McKeever (Binghamton) DEC 5-2
Final Zack Zavatsky (VaTech) MAJ 8-0

Matt cruised through a weaker weight class, taking the title with a major decision in the finals over VaTech's Zavatsky, a PIAA state champ.

197 LBS

Morgan McIntosh - 2nd

Round Opponent Result
Pigtail Tom Murray (Lehigh) WBF
Rd 1 Edgar Ruano (Clarion) WBF 1:32
Quarters Steven Congerie (Cornell) MAJ 9-1
Semis David Reck (VaTech) MAJ 13-2
Final Bryce Barnes (Army) L, Forfeit

Anthony Cassar -5th

Round Opponent Result
Pigtail Caleb Wallace (Binghamton) DEC 5-2
Rd 1 David Reck (VaTech) L, 1-5
Consi Rd 2 Jake Temple (Seton Hill) WBF 1:03
Consi Rd 3 Alen Turcinhodzic (Pitt) DEC 10-4
Consi Rd 4 Dustin Conti (Clarion) DEC 6-1
Consi Qtrs Garrett Wesneski (Maryland) MAJ 11-3
Consi Semis David Reck (VaTech) L
5th/6th Steven Congerie (Cornell) W, MFF

Morgan was on cruise control, and then forfeit the final.  Casey and the Sandersons had probably seen enough.  The coaches had to like the fight they got from Anthony Cassar here, as well.

285 LBS

Jon Gingrich - DNP

Round Opponent Result
Rd 1 Brandon Taylor (VaTech) WBF 4:05
Quarters Ben Aquilinia (Middlesex CC) Forfeit

Jimmy Lawson - 1st/2nd

Round Opponent Result
Rd 1 Cody Cooper (Junkyard Dogs) TF 19-4
Quarters McZiggy Richards (Cornell) TF 19-3
Semis Ben Aquilinia (Middlesex CC) MAJ 10-2
Final Nick Nevills (Penn State) No Contest

Nick Nevills - 1st/2nd

Round Opponent Result
Rd 1 David Farr (Army) WBF 2:18
Quarters Mauro Correnti (Rider) WBF 1:51
Semis Dan Garwood (VaTech) DEC 6-2
Final Jimmy Lawson (Penn State) No Contest

Like other teammates, big Jon retired from the tournament early.  Otherwise, the only thing to complain about was that Nick Nevills and Jimmy Lawson didn't wrestle the final.  That would have been a fun one to watch.