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The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 1.5: Virginia Tech and Marshall

We had a special guest. It was cool.

Brett Carlsen-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, guess what? It was another week in which Penn State basketball played two absurdly close games and won both of them! Honestly at this point, we don't expect anything else. Anyway, we podcasted again this week. On this episode of the BSD Basketbro Show, Bill DiFilippo (@bflip33) and Chad Markulics (@Chad_BSD) were joined by friend of the site, Penn State graduate and Yahoo! Sports writer Sam Cooper (@SamDCooper). The guys discussed all of this here stuff:

  • Sam gave his general thoughts on the year (he was a guest, we had to be hospitable). He likes some stuff. He dislikes some stuff. It was cool and good.
  • The guys discuss the games against VT and Marshall. What do they think about the two headed monster that is Donodan Dickerjack at center? There's also some dap given to John Johnson, and a discussion about Brandon Taylor's identity.
  • Chad is Billy Oliver, Coop is Jon Graham. Don't understand what that means? Listen to find out!
  • We do something resembling a "preview" of this week's games against duqane and George Washington. duqane shouldn't be tough. George Washington should. Naturally, this means duqane will win by 14 and GW will lose by three.
  • There's some weird conversation about CBS Sports analyst Jon Rothstein, who is awesome. Here is a link for reference to the "off the charts!" portion of the discussion.
  • A brief recap of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, but honestly, we're just trying to recover from the Rothstein discussion.

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