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BSD Mailbag 2.14.14

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, Skarocksoi made us some Valentine's Day cards. I suggest you check them out. They'll make your V-Day.

If possible (it’s not), use words to describe how adorable Coach Franklin’s daughters are.--Ti_Gr5_6Al-4V

It’s totally not.

Who represents us at big tens/national tourney: Z. Beitz or A. Alton?—psupro

I don't see how it can't be Zach Beitz, especially since it looks like Beitz (and by extension, of course, Penn State) really should have won on Sunday. Alton's too unpredictable, and tires too easily. Beitz has looked good this year, exceeding expectations--plus Cael knows what he can get from Zack.

But I wouldn't be surprised if Andrew wrestles in the Clarion dual (not versus OK State, though).

Odds that Marsteller is at Rec this weekend and that while he is there that part of him wishes he could wrestle in front of that crowd every home meet when we crush OSU? Just because of him my prediction for the weekend is 60-0…go big or go home.--PSU12

I’d say it’s incredibly likely he’s there, probably like a couple hundred to one. Whether that translates into him having regrets about his decision is another thing entirely, and likely does depend on the outcome; and though I’m not willing to go on record predicting a stratospheric 60-0 beatdown, I think that the team comes out on fire after what should’ve been last week in Minneapolis, and wins pretty handily in the biggest home dual of the year. Side note: can the second weekend of March come fast enough?

What is the outlook for Penn State baseball this season? Who’s the new coach? I remember they hired somebody, but I cannot recall who. I could look it up, but what fun is that?--gerrylovesnathalie

The new head coach is Rob Cooper, who came to Penn State from Wright State. Frankly, this year we might not see much change in the program in terms of wins or losses because historically we’ve been so not very good—but I definitely hope that the foundation is laid to make a deep run in at least the Big Ten tournament in the future (PSU has never had a conference tournament win).

Are you a Texans fan now that BOB is there? The question really is: do we treat BOB like a 2 year starter here at PSU and consider him an alum? Or do we strike his name from the roll book, turn our back on his efforts here, and pretend he’s just another Belicheck spinoff in the NFL.

As an addendum to that…knowing what we know about his taste in QBs, who does he take in the draft?--87Townie

I’m an avowed Redskins fan, and one does not simply switch one’s allegiance like that—even if I did still like BOB. So, no, not a Texans fan—though I don’t begrudge anyone who is. And regarding the second part of your question, I really feel as though it should be somewhere in the middle; he shouldn’t be revered as a starter, and isn’t an alum; but he did do good things in his two years here, and if it weren’t for him, we likely wouldn’t be in the position to have James Franklin here now, and we wouldn’t be so excited and positive about our future. So, no striking from the roll books; I thank him for his contributions while in Happy Valley, wish him godspeed, and won’t think about him again until I see him on the opposing sideline. And then I’ll be rooting against him.

And also Bortles.

What the hell is PPP?—jiminore

Excellent question. I have no idea. I tried to come up with something clever, but I had nothing. I’ll leave it to Bill.

Does Chambers get another year?--jiminore

I don’t see how he doesn’t, especially after this:


And at the risk of starting another flame war over here, even if we hadn’t beaten Indiana, I don’t see how you don’t give him at least one year, with all of his own players—with the pile of shit he inherited, I frankly don’t see how some haven’t seen improvement. I see it in spades, and even saw it some last year (yes, last year) when, even when the team was winless in the conference, they were scrappy and fighting and took even the best teams to the wire, losing by single digits.

There's no quarterback battle this spring for the first time in years. What do you suggest I do with myself to cope with this? Getting a life is not an option.--Josh Bloom

There’s so many other position battles to occupy yourself with! Granted, QB is the most high profile, but you can focus on RB, MLB, WR, DE, even K…I think the blue-white game should be pretty interesting, as Hackenberg might be the only player to play sparingly with little to nothing to prove.

Most likely White-Out games this coming season?--Raoul69

It’s most likely going to be Ohio State. They moved Homecoming to September (Northwestern) this year, and OSU is the only home game in September and definitely the most marquee game on the schedule. And, if years past are any indication, the most marquee game gets the white out treatment.

If not OSU, it might be MSU or Maryland (the latter for the sheer old East rivalry factor, but I highly doubt it).

Which wide receiver will be the standout for us this year?—GoodOleDays

It likely will depend on who redshirts of the freshmen. I think that Geno Lewis will likely be our 1a this year, if his emergence by the end of 2013 is any indication; but our crop of wide outs in the 2014 class (Saeed Blacknall, Chris Godwin, De’Andre Thompkins) is so good, it may be tough to keep them off the field. Also, don’t count out DaeSean Hamilton, who redshirted last year with injury; Richy Anderson also was a speedy slot option for Hack last year, and will continue to be a downfield threat.

What is the best excuse to use to get out of class and work to watch USA hockey?--FTG408

Depends on the class.

Math: all the angles in hockey? It totally teaches you geometry.

Foreign language: depending on who the USA plays, you could learn a lot reading the lips of opposing fans and players.

English: see above, but for American players!

Gym or PE: self-explanatory

History: you never know when you might be watching this again.

Is it wrong to hear Green Day on a classic rock station?--pkloa

Is it wrong to hear Nirvana on a classic rock station?--NittanyPUMA

Yes (thought technically both were formed in the late '80s, neither were popular until the '90s so do not fit the general web definition of "classic rock").

Follow-up...Even if you would ever have counted yourself among the Green Day fans is there any way you could even possibly conceive that they would still be making music as a band?--BNittsDeMilo

Absolutely not.

One of my earliest Green Day memories is when Basketcase was named the #1 video on MTV's year-end countdown in 1995; I specifically remember my sister kirking out, because it was her favorite song of the year, and to date her favorite Green Day song. But even then, to young teenage me, they seemed pretty one-dimensional. The way that they evolved and changed their sound just enough to remain relevant but not enough to become unrecognizable is awesome. And the fact that they were able to have such widespread success with a new generation with American Idiot (and that's translated into the musical) is, frankly, astounding to me--as is the fact that a GREEN DAY song was a prom hit.

I assume Pumpkin Pie Creamery Ice Cream is seasonal for October/November. How the heck is it still in your freezer in February?--psunl10

Let’s just say that the Creamery doesn’t really have a limit on the number of half gallons you can buy, do they? Also, it’s one of their top flavors ever, and isn’t just a holiday flavor for me. It’s awesome.

What is the best bar game?--WorldBFat

I always liked Asshole, because that’s the closest I could come to getting to be president.

What's your favorite Veronica Mars moment?—parisesgirl

Yes, I’m a girl.

A close second is when Logan takes a baseball bat to a police car in season three solely to get locked in a jail cell with Mercer Hayes. Basically, any time that Logan and Veronica are on screen together, or are doing anything for each other, or thinking about each other. So the entire show.

And also Weevil. /swoons

Does anyone else find themselves hitting the Z key in the morning when trying to go through unread emails at work?--tampalion

Every day. Also on twitter. It’s a sickness.

In case you guys missed it, the next mailbag will be answered by WorldBFat.

Yes, we just might be certifiably insane.