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Success with Hyperlinking Is Ready for Prime Time

Mario Tama

Night Time is the Right Time Perhaps the most idiotic guideline in college sports could come to an end as the Big Ten seems to be considering scheduling night games in the month of November. While night games would only occur during the first two weeks of November, it's at least a start. This agreement never made much sense to anyone. First of all, the weather in November is a crapshoot- I've been to November games warm enough that I could dress in jeans and a t-shirt. I've also been to two games in October that took place during snowstorms. Secondly, the players and fans in Big Ten country are accustomed to the cold, and won't bat an eye at playing/attending a game in frigid temperatures. Finally, while the Big Ten sits out primetime during the final (and most important) month of the regular season, teams from every other conference in the nation get to play in front of large audiences. It's time for a change.

Math Meets Football Did John Urschel come along at the right moment or what? Urschel helped the program receive heaps of glowing coverage as the program desperately tried to recover from the darkest period in school history. Ralph D. Russo takes a closer look at the man who is likely the smartest player ever to strap on a pair of shoulder pads. Urschel is now focusing solely on his NFL career- meaning he'll be ready to bulldoze any challenge that comes his way.

Good Morning, THON Speaking of good press, Good Morning America featured THON earlier in the week. As someone who lives outside of Pennsylvania, I'm always amazed that this incredible endeavor doesn't receive more national recognition. Hopefully THON will be a household name in the years to come.

Bears....Ditka...Polish Sausage....Ditka In case there was any doubt, Mike Ditka is officially a crotchety old man. He made this perfectly clear during his tirade about Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford donning a backwards baseball cap. Seriously, this is what the former NFL legend sits around and thinks about. What's next- worrying about what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home??

The Future of Football? As we learn more about the long-term effects of concussions, the issue becomes impossible for the NCAA and NFL to ignore. While some have predicted an inevitable end for the game of football as we know it, I've held on to the belief that eventually technology will help produce equipment fit to protect players from the overwhelming speed and impact of the game. This fall, the Iowa Hawkeyes players will take a big step forward in helping to understand, and eventually prevent, the threat of concussions on the gridiron.

The Linguini Incident In the latest edition of "Just how backwards is the NCAA?," the Oklahoma Sooners had to self-report a violation because of excessive pasta consumption.

Draft Day For those of you wondering about the Penn Staters preparing for the draft, Yahoo! recently listed the top 250 prospects, and three Nittany Lions made the cut. I could just tell you who was ranked there, but how much fun would that be?