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Catching up with Penn State Target 2015 LB Jerome Baker

One of the top 2015 linebackers broke talked a little bit about his Junior Day visit.

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Jerome Baker is 247Composite four star linebacker/athlete/running back out of Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up a Penn State fan and an Ohio State fan. I personally understand where he's coming form (I grew up rooting for both UNC and Duke in basketball), and it certainly makes for an interesting recruiting situation. Let's hear what Jerome had to say.

How was your Junior Day visit?

It went great. It was a great experience, it was fun, I learned a lot, and I had a real good time.

Did anything stick out to you as your favorite part of the visit?

I probably would have to say the hockey game. I'd never been to a hockey game before, and just to see the fans and how pumped they were, that was pretty exciting.

Where do you feel like you are in your recruiting process right now? Are you enjoying the attention or is it starting to get annoying?

I'm having a good time with it. The visits, the interviews, I enjoy every part of it.

Do you have any sort of top group right now? Does the fact that you grew up and fan of both Penn State and Ohio State affect that top group at all?

I don't have a top group right now, but by my senior year I'm going to have a top ten or eight. From growing up a fan of them, it gives them a little edge. The possibility that I could play for one of them is great.

What do you feel like you are most looking for in a school right now?

It's always been three things for me. Tradition, academics, and atmosphere in the school. Those three I always look for at any school I go to.

Where do you feel like you stand with Penn State right now?

I just have a good feeling about Penn State. If I had a list, Penn State would be up near the top. Penn State is a great place, it's a great school.

I thought it was cool to hear that the hockey game made such an impact for some of these guys. Big props to all who attended for really showing off the Penn State atmosphere for anyone watching, you made more of an impression than you know.

Thanks for talking with us, Jerome!