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Catching up with Penn State Target 2015 RB Andre Robinson

The 4* Bishop Mcdevitt running back spoke with me a bit about his recruitment.

Justin K. Aller

Andre Robinson is a 4* running back out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and is the third ranked player in this large state. He is also ranked as the #12 running back nationally. He is going to be a big part of the picture if Franklin is going to Dominate the State, and it seems as if he is off to a great start with Andre. Let's take a look...

How are you feeling about the recruiting process in general so far?

I'm enjoying it, it's a cool process. I'm taking things slowly, trying to get a feel for everything. Trying to give everyone a fair chance, and trying to build a relationship with the coaches and the other guys on the staffs.

Do you have any sort of top group right now?

I really don't have a top couple at all, I'm going to give everyone a fair chance. I've been to a couple schools, but there are other schools that I want to get out to. I'm going to give them all an equal chance.

Do you have any idea about when you're going to start narrowing things down?

At the em of May/beginning of summer. My coach wants me to narrow it down to a top seven or a top ten, something like that. Then I'll focus on those schools during the season.

What is it that you're looking for in a school?

The offense will definitely probably be the most important. Whether they're going to run the ball. A good relationship with the offensive coordinator, head coach, and my running back coach. Proximity to home isn't really too big of a deal to me. If something happens that I couldn't play football anymore, that the school has my major and that I could go and be a student.

Where do you feel like you stand with Penn State right now?

I like Penn State a lot. Coach Franklin was in to see me after he got hired. I couldn't make the Junior Day, but I'm going to go up in March and hang out there. I like them a lot, they're close to home and everything. I know some of the guys on the team like Adam Breneman and Hackenberg, and a couple others. I definitely like them a lot, we'll just have to see how things go when I get up there.

You mentioned Coach Franklin, how do you feel about the coaching change? Do you have a good feeling about them?

Yeah, they seem like pretty good guys. They've been talking to me on social networks, so I'm excited to get up there and get to know them in person, hang out with them, and see how we relate.

What has been your favorite part about your visits to Penn State so far?

My favorite part was probably the Michigan game this year, the four overtime game. It was awesome. The fans, the students, everything went crazy, it was just a great game. Those guys just kept fighting, and just seeing the whole school rally around them made an impression on me.

Is there anything else that really stands out about Penn State over other school for you?

I'd say how close it is, it's about 45 minutes from my house. But that's not too big of a deal to me.

Aside from Penn State, which other schools are recruiting you the hardest?

Penn State, Pitt, Ohio State are recruiting me the hardest.

Do you see Coach Johnson moving from Penn State to Ohio State as a negative for Penn State, or just a positive for Ohio State?

I'd say it's pretty neutral. It's definitely a good thing for Ohio State that I have a previous relationship with him, but it doesn't really hurt Penn State too much. I'm looking forward to getting to know the guys that are going to be recruiting me from there.

Andre is one of Penn State's top targets, and one of three very talented running backs from eastern Pennsylvania. For more on Andre, check out my 2015 Recruiting Primer. You can follow Andre on twitter at @A_robinson5.

Thanks for taking the time, Andre!