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Penn State Hockey: at Michigan

The Lions travel to Ann Arbor. And you know how she is.

The good thing about Michigan State, last week's foe, is that they don't score very much. The crap thing about Sparty is that they don't allow any freaking goals. And when you're as offensively challenged as our young squad is, you end up with only a single tie out of a weekend pair. Not exactly the way we wanted to follow up our first Big Ten conference win, and first shutout victory of the season.

PSU tied Sparty 2-2 on Friday night, and lost the shootout on the 8th attempt. Eight. And it didn't take eight because both sides kept finding the back of the net. No friends. Out of 16 shootout attempts from both sides, only 1 made it home.

The next evening, D Patrick Koudys scored from the point on the game's first shot, less than a minute into the action. Then we didn't score for the final 59 minutes, and lost 2-1. But there's still next week, which is now tonight. Er..something.

Next Up: at #10 Michigan (14-9-3, 6-5-1-1 in Big Ten)

When: Friday night (tonight) 6:30pmET, and Saturday night 7pmET

Video: YES! Again! We're on the BTN as the opener for Friday night hockey, which is a pretty fun time. Saturday is also televised so long as you have Fox Sports Detroit Plus, the degenerate's package.

The Lowdown: Well if there's one team we know we can beat, it's Michigan. True, we're just 5-19-2 on the season, and 1-10-1-0 in conference play. But that one victory? We kicked the shit out of the raccoon-like varmint of the snowy plains; we beat him up, down, and side to side, at Pegula Ice Arena just a couple of weeks ago, 4-0. Glorious. Magical. I'm still drinking Wolverine tears, the sweetest tears in the entire nation. Forever and ever, Michigan will be known as the first team to lose to Penn State in conference play. They just gave it up like a 10 cent trollop. Unzipped their dress and flopped down like a European soccer star. We're Lennie, and they're Curley's wife. We're just sitting back, petting their blonde hair. (George, of course, is a merciful end to the season.)

But first - let's beat Michigan one more time.