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Penn State Hockey Recap: Penn State 5 Michigan 4 (OT)

David Goodwin snipes a game winner with under a minute to go in OT to give Penn State their second win over #10 Michigan this season.

So it's been quite some time since I wrote up one of these hockey recaps. With real life and an increase in recruiting coverage, it was pushed to the back burner a little bit. So I apologize to those who were missing my extremely dry and basic recaps from the beginning of the season. However, I was able to catch the majority of this game, and I was so drawn in that I wanted to write about it.  So here we go.

I flipped on the game with 14 minutes to go in the first period, and was immediately punished for doing so as Michigan tallied their first goal of the night. In what seemed like mere seconds later, Michigan found themselves celebrating yet another goal. It was at this point that I considered turning the television off (for the team's sake). David Goodwin had other plans for my night though.

A deflection off of a Michigan defenseman gave Goodwin the puck right in front of the net, and he did not disappoint. Goodwin's tally came with 30 seconds of the second Michigan goal, which would help set the tone for the night. Without Goodwin's goal at that time, the third shot that Mott of Michigan was able to put by Matthew Skoff could have been an early knockout blow. The first period came to a relatively uneventful end, and the Wolverines held a 3-1 lead into the break.

*Full Disclosure- It was at this point that I went to take a shower and do some laundry. So I need to fast forward a bit.

I rejoined our aggressive, ice dancing Nittany Lions with 4:50 remaining in the third period. To my surprise, I was greeted with a scoreline of 3-3. Just as I was happily tweeting from the BSD account and updating the BSD Facebook page like all of our followers were the ones who weren't paying attention instead of me, the Wolverines promptly scored with 2:02 remaining in the game. Once again I considered turning the television off, as I had determined that I was clearly some sort of bad lucky charm. However, Casey Bailey rewarded me and my continued focus on the game.

Bailey put in a miracle goal with 4.6 seconds remaining in the game. After a deflection shot into the air and skidded out towards the left faceoff circle, a Michigan defender attempted to clear the puck to counter Penn State's empty net-fueled, six man attack. He was not able to do so, and the puck was promptly sent to Bailey via a soft backhand pass. The weak pass gave a Michigan defender the chance to crowd Bailey and try to alter the shot. How the next sequence occurred, I am still trying to work out in my mind.

Bailey's shot may have been deflected by the initial defender, but this likely will not be known for some time due to the unavailability of instant NCAA hockey highlights that do not involve Minnesota or a school from Boston. This phantom deflection may have been the cause of the puck fliying in, or maybe it was the screen by what seemed like about 500 skaters in front of the net. All I know, is that the puck somehow found its way to the upper 90, and Bailey made his way back to the bench a hero. After a quick review to determine if the goal was good (there was no doubt), the teams started preparing for overtime hockey.

The overtime period was fairly back and forth, both sides getting a few isolated chances. When it was beginning to look like Penn State was going to descend into another shootout, Michigan turned it over at center ice. David Goodwin found himself skating with the puck, free of any pressure. One defender and one goalie separated him and his overtime destiny. A long hold while keeping the threat of the crossing pass alive, allowed for Goodwin to get enough space to shoot. He did not disappoint. Goodwin fired the puck past the now, surely sobbing Michigan goalie, and embraced his teammates under the lights of Yost Ice Arena. Penn State happily skated off the ice having defeated the #10 ranked Michigan Wolverines for the second time this season.

In the end, I think Ben Jones summed it up quite nicely.

What time is it?