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Success With Hyperlinking Thinks It's a Great Day To Be Anyone But Bret Bielema

Your semi-weekly links, served up just the way you like it.

Wesley Hitt

This Is Kind Of Old News, But...

Bret Bielema is still a giant douche, as well as an insensitive prick. It's one thing to make light of IT ("great day to be a Badger"). It's another thing altogether, to use a college football player who recently collapsed and died after winter conditioning drills as a tool for your own, bullshit, unproven agenda.

Where's Chris Hansen When You Need Him?

Zadock Dinkelmann, the 14-year-old quarterbacking nephew of former BYU gunslinger Ty Detmer has verbally committed to play for the Mad Hatter at LSU, despite not having played a snap of high school football. That's because he's only in 8th grade. It's hard to measure just how far our society has fallen when kids are committing to colleges before they've likely become masters of their domain.

The Feds Are Investigating Michigan

The U.S. Department of Education is now investigating into whether the University of Michigan acted properly in its handling of the rape allegations made against former UM kicker Brendan Gibbons. Stay tuned for further developments.

Penn State Football's Got Depth Problems

But, per the four-letter network's Big Ten blog, running back ain't one

Not Even Close to a Penn State Basketbro's Ultimate Fantasy

The Wichita State men's hoops squad became the first team in NCAA men's basketball history to sport a 30-0 regular season record last night, after easily dispatching Bradley, 69-49. I know, the first thing you're going to say is, they don't play in a power conference, but underestimate these guys at your own risk. I will happily remind you of this after I win all my March Madness pools I enter this year after picking the Shockers to go the distance.