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Penn State Roster Matrix

...originally a fanpost, but rejiggered for your BSD viewing pleasure!

Justin K. Aller

Misdreavus79, a longtime member of the BSD community, put this together on his own blog, and created a fanpost on BSD to rightfully show it off--it's awesome, and a ton of the Black Shoe Diaries community (and general Penn State football fans) have been asking for more detail on the current Penn State scholarship situation. I tried to bump the actual fanpost up to the front page to give him the proper credit it was due, but to no avail; I found out from the mothership that the certain codes used in the post weren't an option for designated fanposts.

Original fanpost text from misdreavus:

Hey guys,

I know a lot of you have been asking for a scholarship matrix for a while. I went ahead and did one that I hope to keep updated with new information. Thanks to Cari for the help on the Walk-Ons.

Right now it's just a full roster and positional breakdowns for all players and scholarship only, but I'm planning to add a fourth one that allows you to pull players by a single position. If you guys have any suggestions on what to add, etc., please let me know. One last thing: I'm working on lining all the players up, so that should be displayed soon.

My takeaways on it, because I have to give them (naturally)--holy crap, we're a young team. This is my shocked face. If you have questions on any of the classifications or why some are included somewhere and not others, let us know in the comments. The bolded green roster names are scholarship players, while the unbolded names are walk (run?) ons.

Remember, misdreavus created this, and you guys want to see it. We're bringing it to you. Thank him in the comments, and on twitter @misdreavus79. Personally, I think it's rather gorgeous. Enjoy.--CG