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BSD Mailbag 3.1.14

You've got questions, BSD has answers.

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Aristide Economopoulos/THE STAR LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

My wife and I have a pekingese. Does this make me less manly? gerrylovesnathalie
Not at all. First of all, you can just claim to be a loving husband and that you got the pup for your wife, regardless if hat is the actual case or not. And while I much prefer bigger dogs, it's hard to look at a pekingese and not smile. Plus I like the way you can watch them sprint across the room without seeing their legs move- it's like they've figured out something about the laws of physics that the rest of us have yet to discover.

I'm sinking into a post football depression What is an appropriate remedy short of rereading old Penn Live essays? 87 Townie
You and me both, friend. Each year I keep all of the Penn State victories saved on my DVR, and then begin re-watching following March Madness to get me through the long dry spell between the Blue-White Game and the start of the season. If that's not an option, find some Penn State books to relive some of the glory days of the past. Our friends John U. Bacon and Lou Prato each have written excellent books on the unforgettable 2012 season that I'd highly recommend. I've had The Greatest Moments in Penn State Football History since middle school and still bust it out from time to time when I'm feeling nostalgic (plus it's ridiculously cheap on Amazon).

Would Peanuts be nearly as good without Snoopy? And would Snoopy be nearly as good without the rest of the Peanuts crew? Success With Honor Always
They all clearly need each other. Without each other, the results would probably be something like Joey.

What percentage of beagles alive today hunts? 0% or 0.000000000001%? WorldBFat
I'd say it's a little higher than that....about 0.0001%. I had a basset/beagle growing up who only hunted for sunny spots to nap.

Why is it ..... that when a photon of light is created, it has no period of acceleration? Why is it immediately traveling at the speed of light? ’Cause light is always moving at the speed of light right? TonyLion
We'll have the answer as soon as John Urschel gets back to us on doing his own mailbag.

At what point in life do you stop giving a f*#% about most things? I was cleaning off my desk yesterday and found the belt-clip attachment thing for my phone, and I thought "I should just throw it out because I will NEVER be a cell-phone on-the-belt-clip-guy". But then it dawned on me that I do all sorts of things that my younger self had sworn off, like wearing khakis as "casual" pants on the weekend or paying more than $3 for a pitcher beer, and I realized that someday I will run out of f*#%s to give, and that phone is getting clipped to my belt (and it probably won’t be covered up because I will have also tucked in my t-shirt like a psycho). Does this happen after a certain number of years of marriage? Income level? Kids reaching a certain age? When can I expect to no longer care? Vern05
I think it comes in two stages. The first is once you leave the cocky stage in your early-to-mid twenties and start to figure out things about the real world. Sure, you become more cynical but it's far outweighed by not having to give a flying fig about anyone or anything you don't deem important. The second, and more severe, stage of not giving a f*#% seems to come with parenthood. I'm not sure if it's the sleep deprivation or the fact that all of your thought and energy goes into caring for a sloppy small person who endlessly makes bad decisions, but I've noticed no one really sweats the small things once they have kids. Sansabelt slacks? Why not. Fanny packs? You go right ahead, buckaroo.

What is a good euphemism for a bowel movement? dbridi
My personal favorite is "Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl," because as a Browns fan, it's the only time I'll ever hear that phrase.

How will PSU fans react when they realize that in this day and age positions coaches have dreams and don’t stay for 30 years? I’ve heard coach hand state that being a HC is a dream (as it should be) for him. I see Franklin staying for a long while but I also see his staff moving on for promotions and opportunities fairly regularly.
People seem to be adjusting to the fact that coaches come and go in big-time college football. But there certainly is a faction of the fan base who take it as a deep personal insult if a coach decides to seek a better opportunity elsewhere. Either way, we should expect our fair share of defections thanks to the youth of the current coaching staff. If these guys aren't being sought out for bigger jobs elsewhere, then it means they just aren't doing a very good job.

I noticed in the video of the first day of winter workouts that Christian Hackenberg seems to be rather out of shape. This makes me think that he played in nowhere near top physical condition last year. Also, he didn’t have the benefit of spring practice to hone other skills. What impact do you think participating in winter and spring workouts this year will have on his overall performance? uforabin
I can't speak to his conditioning from last season, but having the benefit of winter and spring workouts with his teammates should reach HUGE benefit in the fall. It's truly amazing how well he did last year considering he only had a few weeks of organized practice with his new teammates last year. I'm certain that ever since the Wisconsin game has ended he's been working with all of the returning backs and receivers to work on timing of the routes, as well as working with others to read defenses, advance the playbook, study film and so much more.

Among people who say "money isn't everything," what percentage do you estimate falls into each of the following categories: A. rich people who want to convince others they still have real problems B. poors rationalizing their failure C. people who have made an honest, knowing, and rational decision considering things other than money D. others (please explain) ckmeon
A. 98.5%
B. .5%
C. 1%

Let me tell you a story about my college swim coach to illustrate this point. She would always tell us that "money isn't everything, money isn't important, etc." to us whenever we mentioned our career ambitions or just discussed something we wish we could purchase if it wasn't for the fact we were all a bunch of poor college students. We found this amusing because not only did she come from an extremely wealthy family, she also married a prominent member of the community who made a very nice living himself. So one day a few of us are heading to an invitational meet and I notice something sticking out between the cushions in the backseat. Thinking it was trash, I pulled it out to throw it away. When I examined it, I noticed it was a check written out to her for $10,000. Feeling a bit awkward about the discovery, I told her what I had found and when to hand it over to her. She responded by telling me that was a birthday check from her parents (she was in her 50s at the time) that she must have forgotten about it. So basically the people who go around saying that money isn't everything are the same ones who random $10,000 checks in their couch cushions.

What do you think of the Big 10 having Friday night football games in the Fall? jiminore
I would love to see this happen. If it does, it's probably safe to assume none of the "brand name" programs will be included. I think it would be great exposure for teams like Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue and others who don't regularly get to play in front of a national audience an opportunity to showcase themselves. As a fan, it would be a nice appetizer prior to a major football feast the following day.

What is the most effective way to wash an odor out of a beard? WorldBFat
I'm going to lose man points for admitting this, but the longest I've been able to go without shaving is six days. I've never even had a beard long enough to even pick up an odor. But your question raises more questions- why aren't you shampooing your beard on a regular basis? If you are, what are you doing to cause such an odor to your beard?