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Success With Hyperlinking Reminds You To VOTE FOR URSCHEL

Your Thursday links, served up fresh.


Another Reminder: VOTE FOR URSCHEL

"But, what's the award for?" you may ask yourself. Why, it's the 84th Annual AAU Sullivan Award, which is awarded to the college athlete who exhbiits the best in character, leadership, and sportsmanship. Plus, Blake Bortles is a candidate for this award, and we don't want to lose to him twice in a six month time span now, do we? Exactly, my thoughts...

So, You're Telling us There's a Chance...

The basketbros over at BT Powerhouse had a roundtable discussion about the Big Ten basketball tournament, which tips off tomorrow in Indianapolis. One of the questions of the roundtable asked whether any of the double-digit seeds (Northwestern, Purdue, and Penn State) had a chance to snag an upset. PSU somewhat surprisingly, was given a puncher's chance against Minnesota by a couple of the writers.

You Are Looking LIVE at a Major Broadcasting Shakeup

Brent Musberger has been relegated to calling SEC Network games with Jesse Palmer. Meanwhile, the speculation begins as to who will replace Musberger for ESPN's top college football announcing spot alongside Kirk Herbstreit. Early names have included Chris Fowler, Rece Davis, and Mike Tirico. Either way, it's going to be a vastly different experience watching Saturday Night Football beginning this Fall.

A Slight Twist on the "Florida or Ohio" Meme

Seth Meyers hosted a game show called 'Fake or Florida' in which he read supposed news stories to contestants, who then had to guess whether the story was fake or actually occurred in Florida. Wait 'til you see the results, below:


Today marks the 25th anniversary of the conception of the World Wide Web, which gave folks like myself and the rest of the BSD crew a chance to share our knowledge and opinions with all of you happy campers (and in turn, made me a slightly less boring guy).