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March Madness Open Thread- Rounds One and Two

Love the games, hate your brackets.

Happy March Madness, everyone!! As if I had to tell you, the greatest sporting event on the planet begins today. On Thursday everyone will be raring to go with a nice clean bracket. By the weekend closes, it will contain more "Xs" than an adult film store.

This will be the thread to get you through the next four days. Whether you will be camped out in front of the TV for the entire duration, or just catching portions of games when your schedule allows, be sure to pop in to chime in on the action. There will be plenty to discuss during the next 84 hours or so. Prizes will be awarded* for best excuse to get out of work for two days, best spread of food and beverages (pics or it's not real), most consecutive hours of watching basketball without sleep or using the bathroom and most holes punched in your wall after your bracket becomes toast.

*Prizes consist of a signed 8x10 photo of a shirtless Mark Emmert, a comprehensive list of Urban Meyer's moral contributions to society, and a guided tour of Youngstown, Ohio.

Handy Links for your March Madness Viewing Pleasure

If you need a nice clean bracket free from your chicken scratch, here you go.

For an easy to read TV schedule that is unencumbered by brackets, click here.

Since it wouldn't be March Madness without a little gambling action, this site should meet your needs.

To raise your skill level to match the exceptional athletes you see on TV, watch this 1992 VHS instructional video.

If you don't give a hoot about the tourney and would rather prepare for football season, this will get your blood flowing.